Email Marketing gets a boost in India with Video embedded solution

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Lucini&Lucini Communications Group for email marketing and lead generation, has announced the launch of Video ADSender, the first-of-its products in the sphere of email marketing, for its India client base. Video ADSender, built on cloud-based email acquisition and delivery architecture, is a sophisticated web-based platform that allows marketers to fully optimize the impact of their email marketing campaigns.

Created and optimized by Lucini&Lucini’s in-house technology team, Video ADSender delivers video embedded email messages and allows advertisers to garner more customer attention, increase consumer engagement and drive-up the conversion rates thus multiplying sales and ROI.

As an embedded video platform, Video ADSender allows advertisers to share videos of any size with their target consumers without occupying any additional space in their mailbox or impacting the speed of delivery and download. Users can play and watch videos, even when on the go irrespective of the device, operating system and email services they rely upon. The platform also allows a user to go directly to the landing page of the video if they so desire.

Designed on sophisticated architecture, Video ADSender operates in real-time to instantly detect and identify the email client at the user’s end, as soon as a message is opened. Real-time report and analysis of the type of device and the client’s operating system guarantees correct display of the video content, thus ensuring higher levels of user engagement. The platform has an added capability of effectively identifying bandwidth concerns and other email constraints enabling Video ADSender to play GIF as a back-up without any initiation from the user.

Kalpana-Rathore-1Commenting on the launch, Kalpana Rathore, General Sales Manager, India said “Lucini&Lucini is the leader in performance email marketing and our proprietary technology platform- ADSender delivers more than 100 million emails a day, reaching out to a wide database of over millions 26 million profiled users in India. Video has emerged as a key online content format that is easy to consume and understand thereby allowing marketers to offer a personal touch and deliver their brand messages in interesting storytelling formats. We decided to marry the two mediums to create an effective communication vehicle which would not only become the biggest driver of ROI in the form of emails but also the highest driver of user engagement in the form of videos.”

She further said, “By utilizing the Video ADSender, we believe our clients will be able to redefine the way they interact with their audience. Our numbers seem to confirm the effectiveness of the product. With an average of 100 million emails sent each day and a total of 50 billion for the year 2014, it has led to the objective of 20 thousand successful campaigns.”

“Industry estimates also validate Lucini&Lucini’s belief in this innovation in email marketing. Research indicates promising results from inclusion of videos in email marketing leading to a 55% increase in click-through rates, 44% more time spent reading emails, 41% more email sharing and forwarding, 24% increase in conversion rates and a return that is 280% higher than traditional emails”, added Kalpana Rathore.

The architecture of Video AdSender is primarily based on three top-level geographically distributed data centres located in Silicon Valley, Dublin and Milan, designed specifically to satisfy the needs of agencies and advertisers, in order to manage the large database of clients and maximize the impact of each email marketing campaign. In addition to video content, Lucini&Lucini has worked and developed behavioural targeting technology over the last 10 years, as advertisers today are increasingly keen to target consumers more sensitive to specific content. Lucini&Lucini foresees behavioural targeting to be the real value addition in the field of email marketing in 2015; with only a few companies across the world having the capability to provide adequate services. Furthermore, with Video ADSender, advertisers can re-target their communication, based on users’ response.

Lucini&Lucini possesses a wide database of over 26 million profiled users with close to 30,000 registrations happening on a daily basis. Unlike a majority of email marketing publishers, Lucini&Lucini uses its own database which is completely opt-in and has stringent unsubscribe rules. A 100% opt-in database ensures that users share their exact profile thereby guaranteeing better quality audience for targeting with detailed segmentation, higher conversion rates and superior performance.

In India, Lucini&Lucini is working with over 500 clients across BFSI, lifestyle, hospitality, FMCG, jobs & education, automotive and matrimony verticals and serving over 1200 million impressions per month. Lucini&Lucini’s India client book includes brands like Hyundai, Maserati, Levi’s, Amazon, Frankfinn, ICICI bank, Standard Chartered, American Swan, Volkawagen, Honda etc. Globally, Lucini&Lucini owns a unique portfolio of 20,000+ campaigns delivered for 2000+ renowned clients such as Baileys, Heineken, Audi, BMW, Cisco, HP, Ikea, Burberry etc., has more than 70million users, is working with 15 languages and launching more than 140M emails per day (50B per year). ADSender, the cloud-based infrastructure, delivers 4 billion emails each month offering the best-in-class level of security through three geographical data centers.

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