Arnab Goswami on winning Master Connector Award at Pitch Top 50 Brands

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In a race of brands, Arnab Goswami, President-News and Editor in Chief, TIMES NOW and ET NOW, was the only individual to have won the coveted award at Pitch Top 50 Brands.

On winning the accolade, Goswami said: “I frankly don’t think of myself as a brand, as a person I don’t think I am a great brand. But I do believe somewhere that in the last eight years, we at Times Now have created a brand of news and that brand of news on television is news that is aggressive, news that is uncompromising, news that really follows up, television news that does not give up and a group of reporters who work with me who are not afraid of asking the toughest of questions to the most influential people.”

This is a new brand of news, and this award is recognition to that brand of news, said Goswami. While speaking about Times Now news coverage, he described his brand of news as news that give people voice, news that speaks for ‘you and me’. A kind of news that takes what has been seen in the past to be the smallest of events and then through sheer persistence, elevates it to a level of national campaign.

“We have questioned everybody. And in the process we have given a new dimension to journalism to stand up and say that we are truly independent. That we will never be co-opted. So we stand for complete and total truth. I feel I am really lucky. I sometimes feel that the NewsHour that you are recognising today is a result of the combination of factors that includes most importantly the restlessness of our own team and the restlessness of new India, the restlessness of a new generation of citizens who are represented in turn by new generation of journalist, those journalist for whom wielding the mike and carrying the camera is a passion and not a profession,” said Goswami.

The awards were presented by Dainik Bhaskar Group.

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