ShopClues goes the TVC way to promote ‘commute commerce’

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ShopClues, launched a new TV ad campaign to announce its sale called the ‘GharWapsi’ sale. The TVC, designed by Enormous Brands and created by the production house, Thread Films, highlights the exclusive app sale targeted at those who would  like to shop on their mobile phones during their commute post work.

By naming it as ‘Commute Commerce’, it has been designed especially for the evening rush hour between 6 PM and 9 PM with surprise deals on the app across categories such as electronics, fashion and home items.

Speaking about  the campaign, Ms. Radhika Aggarwal, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer, ShopClues.com said, “Shopping on mobile while travelling back from work or ‘commute commerce’ as we like to call it, is an untouched market in the e-commerce industry. ShopClues has launched the new TVC to promote our special ‘GharWapsi’ sale which taps this highly popular purchase behaviour. The sale has been named ‘GharWapsi’ as this is a phrase that is colloquial as well as self-explanatory. With this sale and the TVC we aim to own the 6-9 PM slot and the concept of ‘commute commerce’ by offering our customers category-specific surprise offers that change every single day. We’re sure to get users hooked to the ShopClues ‘GharWapsi’ sale on their way back home!”

The TVC shows how eager office-goers are to rush out from work at 6 pm and make their journey back home. They are shown rushing to their transport of choice, be it a bus or a train and logging on to their phones immediately. The voice over explains why everyone is checking out their mobile devices with such glee; ‘6 se 9 ki sale is on’. The core proposition of the sale is encapsulated in the final message: ‘Harroz hamare app pe, surprising evening deals.’

Ashish Khazanchi, Managing Partner at Enormous Brands, the creative agency behind the TV ad film said, “ShopClues is a brand for the masses. Every TVC that we have worked on for them has revolved around creating an instant connect with viewers across the country. This endeavour was replicated with considerable ease this time as browsing through one’s phone during the post-work commute has become a kind of natural tendency in India. Our objective was to creatively convey to consumers that the ShopClues app is the only destination they should be checking out for incredible deals during their journey back home.”

Founded in July 2011 in Silicon Valley, with 1.9 crore listed products and over 180000 merchants, ShopClues is one of India’s very first and largest managed marketplaces with more than 50 million monthly visitors on its website currently.

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