Pepperfry’s Mobile App improves user engagement through Augmented Reality

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Pepperfry.com, the online Furniture and Home marketplace unveiled its mobile app today. The high definition imagery, simplistic and clutter-free layout of the app will make browsing convenient for shoppers on the move. They can manoeuvre through more than 80,000 Pepperfry products with ease. Pepperfry’s app has been designed to assist millions of Android and iOS users to make their decisions in a more informed and simplistic manner using the enhanced ‘Augmented Reality’ features.

The app has been designed based on extensive consumer insights undertaken by the company. Customers often struggle with questions related to product display. The app addresses these specific consumer needs by allowing consumers to see how exactly the furniture would look in their house. They can now zoom into products, drag and place them against their room set-up, or their walls, share images using social media, and engage meaningfully with India’s largest home improvement community for advice and opinions.

With this app, Pepperfry aims to bring about a change in the buying behaviour of consumers. The mobile app leverages key hardware features to offer an immersive experience to consumers. The “Augmented Reality” feature gives users the freedom to virtually place the products in their home and share them with their family and friends. They can now visualize the huge variety of options that Pepperfry offers for furniture and décor items, right in their living room. The same feature on the app allows the customer to pick any colour to represent their walls through a unique tool that uses the phone’s camera. Giving customers freedom of choice to easily mix and match products with their décor from the comfort of their home.

The app also hosts Pepperfry Design Gurus community. Through this forum users can initiate discussions through the app by sharing images and queries with Pepperfry’s registered users and interior design experts. The aim of this community is to encourage exchange of home improvement ideas for shoppers who are looking for home-related advice. It is poised to become the largest home improvement community with increasing number of users joining the forum on a daily basis.

Pepperfry customers are evolved internet users who constantly use their smartphones for communicating, surfing, reading, social networking and shopping. The company is simplifying their home shopping requirements by empowering them to shop on the go. It will enable seamless transition from desktop to mobile. They can now share their selection with friends and family through various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. directly from the product display page.

Talking about the new features Sanjay Netrabile, Chief Technology Officer Pepperfry says, “Pepperfry is committed to providing superior online shopping experiences to customers. Our app boasts industry-first features like augmented reality and an open design platform. It is aimed towards simplifying the furniture and home shopping experiences through innovative product discovery and easy payment options. Additionally, with mobile phones increasingly becoming the preferred medium to shop online, the launch of Pepperfry app will further complement user experiences providing for seamless shopping experiences.”

The launch was accompanied with the announcement of the app only furniture and home sale.

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