Building a patient first brand for India

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It’s time. Time for technology to completely disrupt healthcare. For technology to simplify healthcare access and delivery. For the industry to pivot and center itself around the most important person in the ecosystem – the patient.

Amazingly, despite all the technological advancements our age has seen, technology has really not done much to simplify the healthcare experience for the patient. Pretty much every person you speak to has a story about just how laborious the entire process is – many don’t even take themselves to the doctor because the entire process is just exhausting.

At Practo our core brand value of ‘patient first’ stems from this core insight that healthcare must be centered around the patient. We want to enable every consumer to not only make better healthcare decisions but in fact to make the decision process and the ‘action’ he/she can take thereafter so easy that it changes consumer behavior from ‘ignoring’ or ‘procrastinating’ healthcare to actively embracing and perhaps even celebrating it.

Like all strong brands, it begins with the product. Healthcare, by its very nature, is about trust. So every aspect of our product is created from the ground up to ensure that consumers can trust us to help them. For example, we decided to not rely on third party data and actually have a very large team that goes street by street, city by city to bring doctors onto our platform. Secondly, our ‘patient first’ philosophy guided us to make doctor listing completely free of charge so that consumers had the widest available choice. This is why we want to list every single doctor in the world – for free (we already list over 140,000). We also don’t charge patients to book appointments or doctors to receive appointments.

Secondly, we’ve built a robust feedback system – only patients who have booked a doctor appointment through Practo can provide feedback on the doctor they visited. This ensures that other patients when they read the feedback – can trust it and it aids them in making a better decision of which healthcare practitioner to visit.

Of course, we’re just getting started. As we scale globally, the possibilities of how we could help consumers grow tremendously. Imagine if one could find the right doctor from millions of doctors listed across various countries, and could securely share your health information with the doctor with a single click, wouldn’t it make it extremely easy (and for the first time practical) to get consultation with that doctor – no matter the actual distance between the patient and the doctor?

This is when people in every corner of India (and around the world) will be able to access the quality healthcare they deserve and need. It will also make the healthcare industry a global integrated entity working towards improving patient care and we hope, finally center itself around the patient.

Our inaugural campaign – ‘Life Mein’ – focuses on this ‘patient first’ approach by showcasing convenience and brings a refreshing perspective with a touch of humor while highlighting every day situation where people have that moment of realization that they need a doctor. Our intent is to talk about healthcare in a manner that does not intimidate the consumer and makes it approachable, perhaps even like-able.

We’re seeing amazing uptake from consumers. Our 360 degree campaign across TV, radio, digital and social media has brought us millions of new consumers and we’re seeing growth across usage and adoption statistics ranging from 50% to 5x depending on the metric. Our apps have become the #1 apps in health and fitness categories in both android and iOS app stores – way ahead of even the native health apps on these platforms.

We believe we’ve hit the right emotional chord with the consumer and our product has solved a key problem they were experiencing – which is driving such strong adoption figures for us. We will ofcourse continue to invest in our brand and create more campaigns that help drive awareness amongst more and more consumers around the world so they too can make better healthcare decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

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