Being visible on video streaming channels opens your brand up to new audiences: Akhil Kakroo, To The New Digital

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Video has become a large part of content marketing today but are marketers making the most of the opportunity? How has the consumer evolved and how have his habits changed over time? TO THE NEW Digital, an internet products and solutions company has been handling clients like Viacom 18, Sony among others and catering to their content needs. Rashi Bisaria spoke to Akhil Kakroo, VP, Content Services, TO THE NEW Digital, to know more about how marketers can exploit the full potential of online videos and what must be kept in mind while doing so. Edited excerpts:

What is the current scenario of video content used by brands? Do you think brands are exploiting the full potential of video?
Video content is growing rapidly, however it is still at a nascent stage. Although, brands have started analyzing the potential of video content in context to ROI, they are still not exploiting the full potential of videos. Today, the online consumer is transitioning from reading textual context to clicking online videos. With minimal efforts, videos are being consumed more quickly by the end consumer. With this evolution, marketers have started using it as a new age communication tool.

What is the best way to use video in your marketing strategy?
In the contemporary digital landscape, videos emerge as a very crucial component of a brand’s marketing strategy. To make optimal use of the videos, these simple practices can be followed:
1. Create videos that engage
2. Follow cross channel promotion
3. Promote videos on YouTube
4. Market videos on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms

Can you share some of the ways (examples) in which you used video for your clients?
Categorization of Video Content to increase traffic on the Website (BoxTV)
BoxTV engaged TO THE NEW to upload video content with proper metadata that helped in organizing the content and provided easy discoverability by new audiences. We created time coded metadata to provide flexibility to create chapters and scenes without having to edit the video. We helped BoxTV improve categorization and search ability using better tags and keywords insertion thereby increasing website traffic.
It introduced categorization by creating time-coded metadata that would facilitate chapter and scene creation with video editing. Box TV also wanted to increase website traffic by uploading videos, creating and managing relevant metadata.

SONY Entertainment Television
Sony Entertainment Television engaged TO THE NEW to provide an end-to-end solution to publish their Hindi shows on YouTube with an aim to increase audience reach and viewership/subscribers, simultaneously increasing its organic YouTube search performance. Within a period of 3 months, 1500 hrs of content was processed. TO THE NEW helped Sony create and maintain their YouTube Channel along with 24X7 customer support. TO THE NEW also provided better user engagement through compilation packages such as best moments of stand-up comics and weekly cut-downs of daily soaps.

What should marketers keep in mind when using video in their content marketing strategy?
Before incorporating videos in the content strategies, marketers should clearly define target audience, target markets, platforms, video metrics and ROI expected from video campaigns. Marketers must stress on creating custom SEO videos by embedding best-in-class search and discovery tools (including metadata, keywords, tags and transcripts).

There must be a meticulously planned video distribution strategy, ensuring a seamless distribution of video content to relevant target audience via various social media channels. Videos should also be embedded with social sharing functionalities and customized call to actions in the form of overlays, annotations, linear messaging or branding features.

Finally, distributed video content must be monitored and measured against defined goals and video metrics, thus implementing the learnings in real time. To help marketers effectively implement video marketing strategies, there are various digital video marketing agencies at play. They specialize in end-to-end digital video supply chain management with defined success parameters which will guide marketers to achieve desired goals. Whatever be the case, video is the new “IN” thing and marketers can’t afford to lose this opportunity.

How does video content help SMEs?
Video content can be easily embedded on corporate websites, shared with prospective clients in email campaigns, and used for internal communication and training programs. Videos can generate more leads and sales for your brand. Being visible on video streaming channels opens your brand up to new audiences and, therefore, new potential customers.

Videos are emerging as a quintessential marketing tool for brands. As a marketer, you can deduce useful insights about your targeted consumers by analyzing data such as number of views, likes, demographics, geographic locations and watch-time. Video marketing can also be leveraged to convey brand message by selectively choosing voice tone and branding style

What kind of videos do well with audiences?
Entertainment, humorous, educational and self-help videos are most popular among audiences. These types of videos are engaging the mass audience as there is a two way communication between the viewers and the video publisher. Moreover, these days missing any episode of your favorite show is no more a disappointment, as one can watch that particular episode online.

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