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    When Storytelling Becomes Serious!

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    Stories are the core of our development as human beings. Ever since we are born, we learn and understand the world through stories. Stories help developing minds decode the world much easier. There is validated research to show that humans remember and recall information told in story form better than any other form of communication….

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    Google to provide funding for child safety campaigns

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    Google has announced support to three non-profit organizations in India, with nearly 500,000 dollars in grants to promote child safety campaigns. With the grant, Google aims to support non-profit organizations with technology, and help scale initiatives aimed towards child safety programs and campaigns in India. Rajan Anandan, Vice President & Managing Director of Google India…

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    Connect with long lost classmates with the new app from LINE

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    LINE the mobile messenger app and a life platform, released an all new in-app feature “Find Alumni” for both Android and iOS devices in India recently. Users can reconnect with people they used to know in school or college, their classmates with whom they are not in contact anymore with the help of this app…

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    Dettol tries its hand at behaviour change with new campaign and product

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    As a part of its nationwide initiative “Dettol Banega Swachh India”, RB (formerly known as Reckitt Benckiser) India has today launched a new campaign to raise awareness around good hand washing habits. Considered as the gold standard in germ protection, Dettol has reached out to over 10 million mothers and children since 2006 to educate…

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    Engaging the youth through user-generated content

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    Today’s on-demand economy spells out how brands are being driven by their consumers. Brands and consumers are interacting in different ways across multiple touch points in today’s digitally enabled interactive environment. In an era of a hyper-connected population, social media has emerged as a primary channel for customer engagement. Brands across sectors are finding new…

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    BlackBerry Leap Arrives for power professionals in India

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    BlackBerry Limited, a global leader in mobile communications, has introduced the new BlackBerry® Leap smartphone for 4G LTE networks in India. Based on BlackBerry’s latest operating system, the BlackBerry Leap is an affordable all-touch smartphone in a modern and powerful design that is built for career builders and companies who value security and privacy when…

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    Facebook partners with 9 publishers for launch of ‘Instant Articles’

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    Publishers can now create fast, interactive articles on Facebook as the social media giant tries to make the experience richer and faster. People share a lot of articles on Facebook, particularly on the mobile app. To date, however, these stories take an average of eight seconds to load, by far the slowest single content type…

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    Marketing Mix Modeling and why it’s well worth your time

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    It is clear to all that business performance is continually impacted by marketing activities (controllable) and marketplace activities (little to no control). But it is notoriously difficult to quantitatively measure and evaluate the impact of such marketing activities. Additionally, it is very difficult to differentiate clearly between the marketing actions that are working and those…

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    The Big Data Boom: Impact on Marketing

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    “Data is the new oil!” – Clive Humby, dunnhumby Behind the stage rhetoric, street campaigns and public debates; a team of around 100 analytics was assimilating voter preferences, analyzing voters’ registration data and online habits and were thus tracking potential voters thereafter following-up with events targeted at them. This was the 2012 US presidential election…