Can doing good to the world make you a better marketer?

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Brands have been making efforts to ‘save the world’ in unique ways. While there is no doubt about the genuine feeling behind the initiatives, they have helped the brands get noticed. Racold Thermo, a leading manufacturer of water heaters in the country, has recently concluded the unique digital initiative, ‘Wake Up bucket Challenge’, successfully. A total of 22 water heaters were donated through the initiative benefitting more than 5000 underprivileged children across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Started in the month of January, when winter was at its peak, the challenge was for people to come forward and pour a bucket of warm water on one’s self, film a video/take a picture of the act and upload it on the site http://wakeupbucketchallenge.racold.com/ For every 25 videos uploaded, Racold Thermo donated one water heater to the to an under privileged home.

The water heaters were donated to charitable institutions such as orphanages, old age homes and the likes.

The water heaters have been donated through ‘Save the Children’ – an international organisation working for children’s rights and wellbeing and local NGO’s like ‘Snehalaya’ in Pune, an NGO which works for the welfare of rural women and children.

The idea of such a unique initiative is to provide relief to underprivileged people who cannot afford the luxury of a hot water bath even when temperatures deep extremely low.

But these initiatives need to be sustainable for them to have a long term impact.

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