The evolving need and approach for advertising in a dynamic market scenario

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Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’ These were the words of a world renowned professor of Advertising and PR- Jef I Richards.

Advertising has progressed rapidly as a business tool over the last decade with ‘Globalisation’ becoming a household phenomenon. This has also led to an unexpected increase in the exchange of knowledge, trade and capital around the globe, majorly propelled by technological innovation and internet. In fact technology has had a two-fold impact on the advertising industry, enabling more creative visuals as well as targeting the right audience with customized content.

In today’s hyper connected world, consumers are conscious and moving online, be it for recommendations, purchases or grievances. The shift to online is being catalyzed by various factors like- ease & speed of shopping, better deals, convenience of delivery and finding everything sitting in the comfort of home or office. Shoppers are looking at fishing the best deals and products through a close tab on online discounts and new launches. The booming middle class with increasing disposable incomes and enhanced internet connectivity in Tier II cities through affordable smartphones is contributing over 40 per cent online transactions every year. This e-commerce boom has been majorly driven by the travel segment that contributes more than 70 per cent of the total online transactions.

Given the projection of over 33 per cent growth in online travel, with new consumers moving online in 2015 and all travel companies jostling for mind share and pocket share in this space, ad spends become critical for creating brand awareness and salience to acquire new sets of consumers while ensuring the existing ones remain loyal and exhibit brand affinity.

While TV shall continue to build awareness, digital platforms will emerge as the major beneficiary of the media mix this year with more spends being allocated to display, virals, blogs and social media channels. One of the prime reasons is that this medium allows engagement and a two-way dialogue with consumers as opposed to traditional media. Additionally, consumers have different aspirations and needs when buying travel vs any other category. Hence, sponsoring of online properties, mix & match of online with offline components become equally important. In fact, online advertising enables content customization for the customer basis the individual shopping behavior as well as geo targeting like in HD / SD channels. All this in sync with consistent SEM & SEO is the key to create the right visibility amongst
the TG.

Then we could add innovative OOH as a media that helps break clutter of logos and messages and larger formats have the capability of creating larger than life demeanor for the brands. Especially relevant locations such as airports are crucial to travel brands. Technology comes handy to create workable models in OOH displays.

Radio is a passive medium but allows the opportunity to create salience as long as the scripts are fresh and engaging in terms of humor, content and entertainment quotient. Again selective programming and sponsorships is helpful.

Cinema will develop as another format for creating engagement with the relevant audience. Internationally, brands have experimented with technology and ad formats to create some very interesting campaigns specifically for cinema viewers.
Mobile and tablet devices are emerging as a new medium of reaching out to the relevant consumers. Mobile is expected to be the game changer for the Indian e-commerce space. The ability to research and shop on the go is increasing routing customers to mobile devices, making it imperative for marketers to build relevant non-intrusive content for these channels and engage with customers through specific applications.

Technology today is helping brands deliver innovative and relevant solutions. The symbiotic evolution of technology and consumer expectations has made marketing a more challenging territory where every brand needs to create unique experiences for the consumer to remain relevant and responsive to their desire for marketing that cuts through the clutter with pin pointed delivery.

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