Brand Engagement Solution inPici uses artificial intelligence to strengthen brands

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With an eye-catching name like Ice Cream Labs and innovative solutions, the online advertising company caught the attention of brands and agencies at the recently concluded Ad Tech Delhi. It was one of the first innovators in the world to use artificial intelligence in online advertising as it introduced its flagship product inPici. The product uses vision technology to provide contextual, brand safe and performance oriented ads on online images. A visual ad network, inPici places the brand message and ads on top of photos on most websites, targeted based on what is contained in the photo. inPici ads are clearly visible and interactive in order to create high brand engagement without the audience having to leave the content page.

Adopted by brands such as Levi’s, Wrangler, Godrej, Reliance, Calvin Klein, Myntra, IBM, Titan, Louis Phillippe among others, inPici is the first brand engagement solution in the market that helps strengthen brands, launch new products and generate more sales. Using artificial intelligence – computer vision, deep learning and pattern matching algorithms, the inPici network provides programmatic access, fully managed service and superior metrics to measure each brands online campaign. The inPici technology detects people, places, and objects in photos to extract the visual contexts best suited for the brand story. The unique in-image interactive ad information units facilitate brand engagement and exploration within the content the viewers are consuming.

addidasCommenting on the launch, Madhu Konety, Founder & CEO of IceCream Labs said, “We are extremely excited to introduce our flagship product – inPici. Working with some of the leading clients in the industry, inPici advertising has proved that it can provide at least five times the performance and engagement compared to regular display campaigns and also inPici ads are 3 times more viewable than display ads that provide 3-5 times the RoI for advertisers. inPici has proven to have superior performance to conventional display advertising.”

inPici leverages photo context, native advertising and mobile first advertising. Leveraging these three elements, inPici delivers superior performance compared to any display solution for both brand engagement and commerce. Brand engagement using inPici is 5 times higher and provides multiple new metrics other than just impressions and clicks. Working across mobile, tablet and desktop, inPici ensures that it provides multi-platform solution that ensures photos are shoppable on the mobile and web, making it highly effective as it allows user to connect with products from any mobile page straight to the clients app or store.

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