Flipkart’s ‘Thank You’ crusade engages with consumers on social media

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Flipkart’s latest social media campaign endeavors to connect with consumers beyond the products they buy and celebrate the experiences that have shaped their choices.#Flipkart ThanksYou pays tribute to the ‘flipkarts’ in your life before Flipkart – the mom who always made sure you had variety, the dad who taught us the value of money, the sister because of whom you were always ‘on trend’ and of course the unforgettable ‘abroad wale’ uncle and his imported brands that earned you the envy of friends.

The four film web campaign has been conceptualized and executed by Flipkart’s Digital engagement partner Dentsu Webchutney Innovation Labs and produced by Native Films.

Speaking about the campaign, Shoumyan Biswas, Senior Director, Marketing – Flipkart said, “As individuals, while growing up, each one of us, has learnt some of our “life’s valuable lessons” from our closest relationships. These relations have come to define who we are and what choices we learn to make in life. And what better way to celebrate “the Flipkart Brand”, than with a campaign that pays a tribute and a heartfelt thank you to all such relations! But it just doesn’t stop there, it blends them perfectly into the various aspects of our business that make Flipkart the great brand it is today”.

On how the campaign was conceptualized, Gautam Reghunath, AVP, South, Dentsu Webchutney Innovation Labs said, “We’re very proud of our effort on this project. There are simple everyday truths in these films which Omkar along with his team, Albin, and Native films have been able to capture so wonderfully well. I remember a bunch of us sitting across a table throwing family stories at each other and we ended up with a series of heart-warming scripts in no time. Digital video content is an area we have been spending a lot of energy on recently and there is a lot more where this came from.”

Omkar Sane, Creative Director adds, “It was a simple insight – as all insights are – one that turned into stories about relationships and its’ value in our lives. It’s personal but at the same time universal – how I like my ads. Hopefully, everyone else shall too.”

Watch the videos here

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