Agra goes in for City Branding

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Agra, the city of romance and home of the Taj, has finally taken the much awaited plunge into City Branding. The project is being undertaken by Dutch multidisciplinary agency Fabrique, that is a part of the Brand Dialogue group in India. The Design Factory will be the Indian partner on the project.

Every city has its own characteristic style and visitors pick up subliminal sensory and emotional cues from every location. If Prague or Vienna are memorable for their architecture, New York has a strong always-on-the-move vibe! Paris is about romance and London has old world charm fusing seamlessly with modern technology. Brand Dialogue has previously displayed its expertise with successful city branding campaigns in Europe. It was closely associated with the famous ‘I Amsterdam’ campaign that highlighted the creative vibe and the open and accepting culture of the modern thriving European cultural and commercial center.

RomanceJeroen Van Erp, Co-founder & Creative Director Fabrique explains, “In the ‘I Amsterdam’ campaign, our objective was to leverage the image of Amsterdam as a commercial center and an oasis for creative talent. It united citizens with the idea that the city embodies and reflected their pride in being residents of Amsterdam. For Agra we have significantly highlighted the identity of its first and last letter, ‘A’, the A is symmetrical like a lot of cultural heritage in Agra. Agra is a romantic, mysterious and a futuristic city with the Taj being the symbol of its existence. Agra is simple by nature and strong in its appearance. That is what we want to achieve with the visual language for the brand Agra.”

Willem Woudenberg, Founder & CEO, Brand Dialogue, says, “With the government’s keen involvement, India is successfully progressing towards innovation and development. UP government is taking all measures to promote the city’s tourism and we are glad that they have selected our team as partner for branding for Agra.”

Brand Dialogue believes there is tremendous scope for location branding in India that has already seen winning brands like Vibrant Gujarat that highlighted the ease of doing business in the state and communicated that idea by holding international business summits. As a brand Goa is all about the easy charm of a destination ideal for a lazy vacation. Similarly Mumbai is a thriving metropolis where dreams of hardworking people come true. These brands work because of the experience associated with them.

Experts believe that the niche field of location branding is becoming increasingly relevant in India, especially for places that are either relatively new and want to attract travelers or states and provinces that want to attract business or investments.

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