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    A peek into Mobile advertising in 2015

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    Trends in Mobile Advertising in 2015 We will continue to see emerging markets outshine developed markets when it comes to growth in smartphone and mobile internet penetration. While mobile and PC have often been treated alike by marketers, there is a radical difference in the way that consumers interact with these two media. Marketers need…

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    Augmented reality- the future is here!

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    The new age customers are ‘mobile’ consumers. Whether they are traveling to work, at the park with their kids or simply relaxing at home, people around are immersed in their phones. Someone’s trying to save their lives on Candy crush; some are chatting with their friends over an instant messenger, while others might be making…

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    Native Advertising in 2015: Gourav Rakshit, COO of Shaadi.com

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    As digital advertising continues to outpace growth in traditional media in India (30%+ CAGR projected through 2018), online storytelling is poised to become king of the digital world. Storytelling via native advertising promises to deliver what early web formats like banners, layers and pop-ups failed miserably to achieve – an engaging dialogue with consumers. This…