Racold Thermo urges consumers to take the ‘Wake Up Bucket Challenge’

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Donating one water heater for every 25 videos uploaded , may not mean much in a country where thousands start their day with cold water baths, but at least it’s a start.

With the country facing a severe winter this year, Racold Thermo, a leading manufacturer of water heaters in the country has taken a step to help the needy by announcing the ‘Wake up Bucket Challenge’. The challenge is for people to come forward and pour a bucket of warm water on one’s self, film a video/take a picture of the act and upload it on the site http://wakeupbucketchallenge.racold.com/ For every 25 videos uploaded, Racold Thermo will donate one water heater to an under privileged home.

While we are oblivious to the condition of the unprivileged, Racold Thermo is making efforts to make people sensitive, encouraging them to wake up to the fact that they can help and make a small contribution towards a cause.

The water heaters will be donated to charitable institutions such as orphanages, old age homes and the like. The initiative will cover the cities of Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. The idea of such a unique initiative is to provide relief to underprivileged people who cannot afford the luxury of a hot water bath even when temperatures dip.

The challenge has already been initiated with the first water heater being donated to Snehalaya, an NGO based in Pune.

Mr. Mathew Job, Managing Director at Racold Thermo, says, “Water heaters, in our country are still a luxury. In this harsh winter, we wanted to make hot water accessible to those who could not afford a geyser. The Racold ‘Wake up bucket challenge’ was conceived to provide the under privileged across our country the comfort of a warm morning bath .This is a cause we firmly believe in and we have kicked off this activity with my team at Racold taking up the ‘challenge’. Racold being the market leader in water heaters, believes in serious contribution to help the society at large and this activity is a small step towards it.’’

Earlier, at the Goa Fest 2014, Racold Thermo had been recognised , for its ‘Switch2Green’ innovative campaign on energy conservation.

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