India’s quest for zero: The Power of Shunya™

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India is a growing economy with the potential to be among the top 4 economies in the world in the next few decades. And this growing economy needs a significantly better infrastructure, access to uninterrupted power and policy support. To realize the potential of human capital in India, there is a need to provide adequate employment, enough and nutritious food and a safe and secure environment. In summary, for India to become an economic superpower there is an urgency to identify and implement solutions and innovations that can address some of the problems that are faced by India today.

As a 212 year old science company, we believe that some of these large challenges facing India can be addressed through science based solutions, as science can help not only address these problems, but in fact eliminate them. Some of these challenges are so large and complex that institutions, government, companies, individuals and stakeholders need to work together to solve these problems in a collaborative manner.

It is with this background in mind that we thought of putting together a program that could talk about some of these challenges and also showcase examples of companies and individuals who are working to solve these large challenges. Since we believe that science can not only address but also eliminate these problems (i.e. bring to zero), we thought of positioning zero not as the smallest number, but as the greatest ambition – of having zero problems i.e. zero hunger, zero darkness, zero accidents etc.

The-Power-of-Shunya--1-copySince zero (or shunya) has its origins in India, it seemed like a perfect fit when talking about problems specific to India. Hence the program “The Power of Shunya™” was born – a campaign to highlight success stories of individuals and enterprises that have and are in the process of successfully bringing forth science powered solutions that make a positive difference in people’s lives in India. By featuring these successes, we want to build a sense of pride in our countries’ rich science and innovation heritage and inspire people with zero as an aspirational goal, to do more and achieve more. In doing so, the program will be a direct reflection of DuPont’s reputation for thought-leadership in science based problem solving and a collaborative way of working.

This content- led platform has been developed in partnership with the Times Television Network and Ogilvy Entertainment, and connects to our key business growth areas. The two television series are key elements of the initiative, The Power of Shunya: Quest for Zero and The Power of Shunya: Challenge for Zero. These series showcase companies and individuals that epitomize the spirit of Indian ingenuity and science that is already making a difference to the lives of millions of Indians.

“The Power of Shunyaâ„¢: Quest for Zero” is an investigative and inspiring series that examines the critical challenges facing a growing India, and profiles India’s most visionary companies and people who are using science powered solutions in India’s quest for zero. “The Power of Shunyaâ„¢: Challenge for Zero”, brings together the best visionary minds in science and business schools, whose ideas can help solve the critical challenges facing India. We also aired DuPont short documentaries in the advertisement break, to complement the television show. These 2 minute documentaries highlighted issues being faced by the common man and how science based solutions have helped make a difference to their lives.

The Power of Shunya™ has significantly moved the needle in establishing DuPont as a science company. The TV programs featured many Indian innovations that can help bring problems to zero, and some of the innovations featured included DuPont solutions adopted by our customers and value chain partners. The two TV programs were watched by millions of people and increased awareness for science-based problem solving. The on-ground activation brought together businesses, customers, and influencers and strengthened DuPont’s image as the preferred innovation partner for our customers. The digital campaign reached out to thousands of organizations. All this put together, has led to a whopping 90% increase in the number of business enquiries received by DuPont.

Shunya is an aspirational goal. You have to aim for the stars to reach the moon. It is a daunting goal which stretches the limits of our imagination, makes us think outside the box, or better still, think that the box is not even there. I believe through integrated science and meaningful collaborations, our daunting challenges can be solved. It won’t be easy and the journey will be exciting. The Power of Shunya™ reflects our belief that science powered solutions can play a vital role in addressing the challenges and aspirations of our growing nation.

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