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    Six Strategic Marketing Lessons from Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party

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    Arvind Kejriwal’s David Vs Goliath battle to win in the Indian politics may have well been attributed to an anti-congress wave or the fatigue among the middle class with a persistent corruption problem, however Kejriwal’s branding of himself and his party has also significantly contributed to his success. Counting below some strategic marketing lessons any…

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    Case Study: The launch of Colorbar’s fifth category

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    Background: A quiet starter, Colorbar Cosmetics entered the Indian market in 2004 with the vision to touch every woman with color. Today it is the fastest growing color cosmetics brand in the country. Spread across more than 600 outlets in the traditional markets, Colorbar is quick to launch both color and product trends. It introduced…

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    How Marketers can tap rural India

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    Ask any educated man the ramifications and definitions of the term rural and it would draw several responses, each one right in its own sense. The marketers are no exception. While the census of India has certain benchmarks to classify rural, the general public including the marketers look at the rural from their own lens….

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    More than skin deep: Changing the perception of beauty

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    Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Sunscreen song’ is filled with advice to the youth, as relevant today as it was in 1999 when he released the single. One of my favourite lines is “Don’t read beauty magazines. They will only make you feel ugly.” A lot has been written about the artificial portrayal of beauty in our culture…

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    Marketing Mantras from Niraj Dawar

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    In his latest tome “Tilt”, well known marketing strategist Niraj Dawar has proposed the idea of organizations shifting away from a product-centric approach to a customer-centric approach. Niraj speaks to Ankur Gaurav of Pitch about what goes into the making of a successful business, Facebook Marketing and how business costs have shifted downstream among other…

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    How will the customers engage with the brand in 2014?

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    From a digital perspective, a lot of the trends in digital consumer engagement are already happening. What we will see in 2014, is more adoption of certain technologies and adaption of consumer behavior that will let forward thinking brands engage with customers in new ways. Some of these trends include Smart Devices, Mobile Messaging Applications,…