‘HE’ Deodorant celebrates the spirit of a MAN on International Men’s Day

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HE, the deodorant brand from the house of Emami Ltd, has launched a campaign #ShowMenSomeLove on the occasion of the first ever International Men’s Day celebration in India on November 19. To commemorate the day, the brand is urging India to WEAR THE COLOR BLUE as a simple gesture to show love to men.

The brand has also launched its HE digital anthem, So not fair! So not fair! So not fair!..Show men some love. Conceived and Developed by Orchard Advertising, the jingle encapsulates in a tongue-in-cheek manner how men, day-in and day-out, have to live up to very high standards of personal, professional and societal expectations and yet there is no mark of appreciation for their round-the-clock duties. The launch of the anthem would be supported by a 360 degree integrated communication, particularly on digital media.

To be a real man is really a tough call—he has to inhabit roles of a father, son, husband, brother, boyfriend all at one go and each comes with its sets of expectations which he has to deliver with élan. Yet there is barely a day which a man can call his own. Time has come to celebrate the presence of these silent everyday warriors and celebrate a day dedicated to them to acknowledge their unnoticed efforts. For the sake of improving gender relations, promoting gender equality and highlighting positive male role models, the observance of International Men’s Day has become of paramount importance globally.

“The idea of alpha males has fallen out of favor for quite some time now. HE deodorant, as a brand, epitomizes the evolved man who tries to “Be Interesting” in his everyday accomplishments. Hence, the brand heralds the emergence of positive role models in the society who do not shy away from obligations, but lend their charming touch to everything. The brand campaign focuses on the fun element and urges people to wear Blue to celebrate Men’s Day, which in no way undermines the role of women in our society” said Mr. Harsha V. Agarwal, Director, Emami Limited.

Backed by the star power of Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, “He” Deodorant was introduced earlier this year in a slew of interesting fragrances inspired by all-time bests from the international fragrance family bottled in 6 variants—Smart, Confident, Extrovert, Recharge, Ruler and Magician.

To be a part of the campaign #ShowMenSomeLove and #WearBlue, one can log on to https://www.youtube.com/user/HeBeInteresting, http://www.hebeinteresting.com/showmensomelove.php or follow the celebrations on www.facebook.com/hebeinteresting and https://twitter.com/HeBeInteresting

You can watch the campaign on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDnAkZkqO2g

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