HUL’s mobile marketing initiative sets world record for its social drive

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India’s first free and on-demand entertainment mobile radio channel Kan Khajura Tesan has set a world record for receiving maximum missed calls in 120 hours.

By undertaking a social drive to take the fight against corruption to every Indian doorstep, Kan Khajura Tesan made an appeal to the people of India to pledge against corruption by giving a missed call on its toll free number. The issue found such resonance among people at large that Kan Khajura Tesan received over 72 lakh missed calls from over 32 lakh Indians between August 13 to 17.

On August  18, 2014 Limca Book of Records, India Records Academy, Asian Records Academy and Elite World Records presented Kan Khajura Tesan with a World Record of “Maximum Missed Calls Received in 120 Hours”.


Speaking about the World Record, Ms. Priya Nair, Vice President at Hindustan Unilever said, “Kan Khajura Tesan is one of India’s biggest, free and on-demand radio channels with over 1.85 crore subscribers and more than 30 crore minutes of radio engagement. With this initiative, we wanted to use this powerful platform to drive a positive social change. The World Record is only a gratification for the efforts that the people of India have taken towards driving that change.”

This is how it worked: Once the consumer had given a missed call to Kan Khajura Tesan, within a few seconds the caller received a call back from the channel to confirm their participation along with 20 minutes of free entertainment.

The mobile entertainment platform has been focusing on media dark regions of India for the past ten months with the tagline, “missed call lagao, muft manoranjan pao”. The free entertainment is provided to customers along with HUL ads and is adding new users with each passing day. The initiative has worked very well for brands like Wheel

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