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Staying true to its strategy to provide something extra to its customers, telecom brand Tata DoCoMo has recently launched some more offers for full and more than full talk time. The catchy ‘Har Bar More’ tagline holds promise and conviction for the customer amid similar claims made by other brands. Speaking to Ritesh Ghosal, Head Brand Marketing, Tata DoComo, Rashi Bisaria of Pitch finds out how the brand has built a world of simplicity and transparency in services while establishing an emotional connect with customers. Edited Excerpts:

 Every telecom service provider is coming up with plans that give something extra to the consumers. How are Tata DoComo’s offerings different?

Tata Docomo has aimed at providing not just affordable tariffs but innovative and insightful products that deliver against very specific consumer needs.  The latest product range of “Har Baar More Recharges” follows a similar philosophy. For example, our Stretch Data Recharges are relevant for those consumers who end up wasting a lot of data in expensive monthly plans. Stretch recharges provide ‘More’ validity, so that the consumer can consume data without the pressure of worrying about expiring validities. Similarly, Combo Recharges offer ‘More’ data & ‘More’ talktime together with the added convenience of a single recharge for the month. Another range of Power recharges is relevant for users who are always on the lookout for more data/talktime on their current monthly packs or have been hit hard with the recent price increase/validity decrease. These products offer value with a larger quantum of data at a price better than that available in the market.

What is DoComo’s brand strategy going forward?

In contrast to the cluttered world of telecom, Tata Docomo strategy continues to be to build a world of simplicity & transparency in its services, while at the same time connecting with youth emotionally through the brand. Going forward, we will focus on building this advantage further with the brand idea of ‘Open Up’ supported by the ‘Har Bar More’ product range that enables consumers to express themselves more often. The ‘open up’ idea is derived from a core human insight that people tend to hold back or hesitate in saying what they really feel and this burden of unshared emotions can create regrets that last a lifetime. Building on this core human insight, the brand inspires people to express their real selves and the “Har Baar More” products offer more validity / data / talktime to enable people to this more often via telecom.

You have recently launched the e-commerce portal. How is that doing? The online shopping experience has also been personalised. Can you elaborate on it?

At Tata Docomo’s eShop, we cater to all mobility shopping requirements of our customers across the country. This is a first-ever industry initiative to provide telecom services and products online, with the  convenient payment option of cash-on-delivery. eShop allows customers to explore available Tata Docomo services via an online catalogue. The user friendly and interactive platform will personalize the online shopping experience with a simple entry of the postal code which will help display specific offerings and tariffs applicable in the selected area, thus providing a location-based search functionality. With over hundred banking partners, online payment for products or services via eShop is not only easy but highly secure and safe. eShop will also have an integrated SmartChat, which is a constant live chat tool customers can use to seek guidance and assistance for their online buying process. With eShop, Tata Docomo is planning to further build on its digital marketing leadership and make online its single largest marketplace in next 18-24 months to acquire and engage with the high value and data savvy customers segments.

What is the edge that Docomo has over other service providers? What is its differentiated positioning?

Right from the time Tata Docomo was launched it has continued to behave in a manner that separates it from the competition. Tata Docomo’s approach has been to be refreshingly different and its single point agenda has been to simplify consumer’s lives.

Some of the Industry leading innovations that Tata DOCOMO has driven in the industry include – Per Second Billing that ensured that the customer paid only for what she used, ‘Balance on demand’ & ‘Post call notification’ services which broke the telecom smoke-screens with billing transparency, and the list goes on. The latest launch of the “Har Bar More” range of recharges is another example of product led by insightful understanding of consumer requirements.

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