Media planners keenly anticipate Pitch Media BrandOmeter 2014

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Pitch-Brandometer-logoFor a marketer, TV is the most alluring medium while at the same time for a media planner TV is the most fragmented and hence the most cumbersome media vehicle. Pitch Media BrandOmeter, 2014 will bring out the most qualitative analysis of media brands in the country. The unique media planning tool will be released in the month of July on the basis of survey done in collaboration with Hansa Research.

As the media planners continue to find the best permutation and combination for their brands, Pitch Media Brandometer has become an awaited media planning tool in the country. With insights and viewpoints of more than 50 stakeholders, this annual study will highlight the six critical parameters one has to keep in mind before deciding on spends. Professionalism, Innovation, Service Ability, Sales Team Knowledge, Media Delivery and Relationship are the core parameters around which all the media brands are evaluated and ranked.

The inclusion of regional media vehicles has further streamlined the positioning of these brands according to the interests and requirements of brands. According to Monica Tata, MD, HBO, “There is no qualitative analytical tool for media planners and which could rate media brands in terms of professionalism and innovation. We were only rated in terms of numbers which do not reflect the true picture all the time.”

Media organizations, their sales and client servicing team have evolved to a great extent. Clients are more specific about what they want, media brands have allowed the clients to share their creative inputs and a lot of effort goes in incorporating each of these inputs in the packaging or in the media delivery processes. Pitch Media BrandOmeter is one such media planning tool which allows investigation of qualities like service ability and professionalism in depth. Debraj Tripathy, MD, Mediacom pointed out, “Media planners need a comprehensive tool as most of these tools talk about numbers without a way ahead to deal with these numbers.”

As the media spends in the country has grown up to Rs 37,000 crore, Pitch Media BrandOmeter will bring all the media vehicles on one platter with relative scores and competitive parameters in the month of July.

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