“We have consciously adopted an outside-in approach”

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 Sarika Naik , General Manager and Global Head Marketing at Wipro Infotech

Sarika Naik , General Manager and Global Head Marketing at Wipro Infotech

Indian IT services has positioned India on the global map. The IT industry contributes around 10 per cent to India’s GDP while more than three fourth of the revenue comes from global companies. To accelerate the growth even further, IT giants are looking out for more clients outside India. Ankur Gaurav of Pitch spoke to Sarika Naik , General Manager and Global Head Marketing at Wipro to learn about the latest practices in the B2B marketing space. Edited excerpts:

As a marketing head in a leading IT company, how do you see marketing evolving in this sector?
Traditionally, marketing in the IT sector was seen as a dormant function, even as sales took a frontal position. In recent times, a combination of aggressive strategies and tactics has ensured that marketing is being noticed not just internally, but by customers as well. Compared to B2C, the approach adopted by marketing in IT services is more subtle. In IT services, there is a concerted effort to deepen relationships with the influencer community and leveraging thought leadership to win global transformational deals. A key objective is to position organizations like ours as a go- to partner for CXOs (Chief Experience Officers)

How do you ensure that marketing in a B2B Company like Wipro, is relevant to the demands of the customer?
In a B2B company like ours, marketing has to align itself with sales objectives by providing customer inputs. At Wipro, we have consciously adopted an “outside-in approach”. A key focus here is to better understand the customer’s challenges and work together to address these issues that could include helping the client enter the market in record time or improving their operational efficiency. We have put in place a rigorous exercise to monitor customer satisfaction metrics with quarterly and annual pulse surveys. This feedback is vital for us to develop appropriate strategies to remain ahead in the market.

What are the most effective marketing practices in the B2B sector in India? What works best for B2B companies- TVC, Events, Print, digital?
We have put in place a series of high impact business relevant initiatives. Our Thought Leadership reports give the go-to-market teams a distinct edge over competition. These well researched industry-specific reports backed by insights from reputed third-party analysts provide a long term vision platform on which a holistic sales pitch can be built. We actively participate in leading industry events and reports to showcase our offerings that demonstrate our leadership position. The use of advanced analytics for personal marketing across relevant social platforms is another initiative that we have undertaken. Marketing also plays an important role at the deal intervention stage by empowering the sales team with high-impact multi-media communications that demonstrate the company’s domain expertise. In the coming year, newer marketing initiatives, both strategic and tactical are on the anvil, to be deployed across geographies and industries with the aim to help drive industry leading growth.

What is the nature of your long-term relationships with your stakeholders?
At Wipro, our aim is to develop long lasting relationships with our customers that see us as a partner or a stakeholder in their journey. Our solutions are aligned to the customer’s business goals. Our outcome based and gain-sharing models ensure a mutually fulfilling engagement with our customers built on a strong foundation of trust and respect.

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