“Through the campaign we are trying to reveal the soul of Bacardi”

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Kofi Amoo Gottfried, Global Communications Director, Bacardi Rums

Kofi Amoo Gottfried, Global Communications Director, Bacardi Rums

Years of passion and inspiration define brand Bacardi and its heritage can be traced back to the mid 19th century in Cuba. The brand’s latest worldwide campaign “Untameable Since 1862” showcases the grit and determination Bacardi stands for. The campaign is directed at millennials urging them to pursue their passion through advertisements that are gritty and real. Ankur Gaurav of Pitch spoke to Kofi Amoo Gottfried, the Global Communications Director, Bacardi Rums about Bacardi’s attitude, the campaign and challenges faced in different international markets.:

As a global communications director what have been the major challenges faced by you in different international markets? How did you solve them?

Our major challenge has been to communicate our brand attitude in a way that is interesting to a millennial audience.

“BACARDÍ Untameable Since 1862” is our first unified approach across all product and marketing functions, and has the potential to be transformational for the brand.
We’ve got all the ingredients—an epic family story that’s decadently retold and remastered for a modern audience, a proven excellence in our products and a commitment to preserve the legacy of our craft. Now all of this can be communicated consistently, boldly, proudly in a way we’ve never done before.

It represents a significant turning point for the brand. “Untameable Since 1862” gives us the campaign to tell some of our incredible stories; of rebuilding after the distillery fire of 1880; of surviving several earthquakes; of inviting Americans to Cuba to bathe in Bacardi rum during Prohibition; of thriving in spite of exile – going on to become the world’s most awarded rum and most awarded spirit.

“Untameable Since 1862” is designed to engage Millennial males between the age group of 21 to 29 years, who are coming of age in an uncertain risk-averse world; and to encourage them to pursue their passions no matter what – much like the Bacardí family did. Millennials are faced with a world of high unemployment, institutional breakdowns, environmental crises, etc., but they remain fiercely optimistic and believe they can make a difference. In this, they are also “Irrepressible Spirits”, so “Untameable Since 1862” enables BACARDI to connect with Millennials as one Irrepressible Spirit connects with the other.

What are the ways in which markets and consumers differ in different parts of the world? How does a global brand like Bacardi change its strategies to cater to the different consumers?
“Untameable Since 1862” celebrates a universal attitude; the bold pursuit of passion, unconstrained by convention, circumstance or expectation.

We’re confident that this attitude resonates everywhere – and in fact, we’ve researched the campaign around the world to universally positive consumer feedback.

Bacardi’s global campaign “Untameable since 1862” is becoming big, it is about celebrating the spirit of Bacardi. What is the brand’s objective behind this campaign?
BACARDI is a huge brand, but one that people don’t know much about. We felt there was an opportunity to reveal the soul; to communicate the story and the irrepressible spirit behind the brand – and thus connect with consumers in a new way, to an entirely different level. We believe that ‘BACARDI Untameable Since 1862’ will encourage people to pursue their passions no matter what – much like the BACARDI family did.

“Untameable since 1862” is an integrated campaign. What are the key communication channels being used in this campaign?
The media mix for this campaign goes across print, digital, outdoor as well as TV.

BACARDI Untameable Since 1862 will be supported by 30, 60, and 120-second TV advertisements. We have a TVC titled ‘Procession’ which tells the story of the BACARDI family through struggles to ultimate victory. Filmed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ouro Preto, Brazil, the ad echoes the universal sentiment of today’s audiences that ‘True Passion Can’t Be Tamed’.

The campaign was launched with a first of its kind Digital Roadblock across India’s top 10 internet sites like ZigWheels, IndiaTimes, Gaana, Facebook and YouTube among others, drawing nearly 25 per cent of India’s internet traffic. As a result, we saw impressions of more than 50 million in one day. The activity over delivered by over 20 per cent with a 100 per cent SOV on targeted sites.

We saw a phenomenal response on Facebook – more than 21,000likes, more than 1200 shares and more than 500 comments on the launch day.

The print ads are evocative in nature and will feature headlines such as, ‘We Remember Prohibition – It was a Blast;” “Some Men are Kicked Out of Bars – Others are Kicked Out of Countries;” and “Earthquakes, Fire, Exile, Prohibition – Sorry Fate, you Picked the Wrong Family.”

The television, digital and print ads embody the true determination that sustained the rum brand and helped it thrive.

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