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    200 Years of Purity & Innocence

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    Born on the streets of Soho, London, Pears- world’s first translucent soap is still in business more than 200 years after its birth. The brand owes its name to its founder Andrew Pears who first produced and sold it in 1789 in London. As per Unilever’s records, it is the first registered brand which makes…

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    Nokia likely to be sold under a new name

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    Nokia, the popular Finnish mobile brand will get a new identity if its name changes to ‘Microsoft Mobiles’. Confirming the news about the change in its name, a Nokia Spokesperson said “Since our deal with Microsoft will close in April end and Microsoft will take over the operations, the brand name is expected to change…

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    Harnessing big data remains an elusive proposition for marketers

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    There is a growing buzz around big data and the mine of information it provides about consumers, their buying behavior, preferences, social media presence and much more. However, Indian marketers are still grappling for a proper definition of big data, leave alone analysing and utilising it to their advantage. The data is out there –…

  • Debabrata Mukherjee, VP-Marketing & Commercial, Coca-Cola India
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    Coke for all seasons

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    Coca-Cola began the festivities for 2014 with the ‘Reasons to Believe’ campaign that received good response from the consumers .Coke also plans to ‘De-seasonalize the Coke’, a campaign to change the general notion that soft drinks are to be enjoyed only in the summer season. In a candid interview Debabrata Mukherjee, VP-Marketing & Commercial, Coca-Cola…

  • Kofi Amoo Gottfried, Global Communications Director, Bacardi Rums
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    “Through the campaign we are trying to reveal the soul of Bacardi”

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    Years of passion and inspiration define brand Bacardi and its heritage can be traced back to the mid 19th century in Cuba. The brand’s latest worldwide campaign “Untameable Since 1862” showcases the grit and determination Bacardi stands for. The campaign is directed at millennials urging them to pursue their passion through advertisements that are gritty…

  • Vaasu Gavarasana, Business Marketing Head, Yahoo’s APAC

    “We want to inspire people’s daily habits”

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    Ever since Marissa Mayer’s takeover of Yahoo as its President and CEO in 2012, the internet giant has seen some major overhauling. Yahoo invested some $ 1 billion in 2013 on product development to improve existing products and launch new ones. Its business hinges on content and as Marketers in India begin to understand the…


    HP India’s Head Marketing PPS, Ranjiv Singh resigns

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    According to industry sources, Ranjiv Singh Head Marketing PPS at Hewlett Packard India, has decided to part ways with HP. Before his present role, Singh was the Chief Marketing Officer with the organization. Singh was with Microsoft from 2003 to 2010 as the Chief Marketing Officer; prior to this he has also worked with Levi Strauss…

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