Marketers cannot create a brand by just relying on new media, say experts

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Salil Kapoor, COO, Dish TV

Salil Kapoor, COO, Dish TV

Since inception brands are positioning different ideas and conventional and unconventional medium to position them in the market and consumers mind. Be it Lalitaji for Surf or Shahrukh Khan for Lux .

Sharing his point of view about the uses of conventional and unconventional medium, Abhish Chandhok, Head-Activation, Media and Consumer Intelligence, Nokia said, “Earlier I think for brand it was like TV, Print and OOH but now it has totally changed but today its about multiple dialogue but one language and that is the major difference.”

Chandhok supported a brand should have common language and it is required so that they have conversations. Once that thing is sorted out then it’s like using entire 360 of the brands really expected. End of the day a brand is performer to stay the experiences for people in the audience some of them are active consumer who is consuming your content and some of them are just passing by .Its the brand who need to choose.

He said, “You use a mix of media, traditional media and then u use new media. In traditional media I think the endeavour always has been now start doing things differently and in new media it’s about doing different things. Again its important to have your common language for brand.

In the world where every day we woke up with different technology and out of the box innovation its hard to understand what marketers will supply and what will be consumers demand.

Sharing the thought process over how to reinvent brands through unconventional media, Naveen Kukreja, CMO, Policy Bazaar.com said, “Political parties are surprising you with the unconventional approach. Its becoming a reality its becoming more stream . Couple of thoughts one what unconventional its different for different companies and industries. What unconventional to me may not be unconventional to someone else and vice versa.”

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

He added, “Why unconventional becomes important the conventional media is too crowded you will not be able to make your message clear the other is because its conventional media its very expensive.”

While Amit Tiwari, Country head, Media, Philips said, “There is a huge debate about conventional and unconventional medium actually it lies in the unconventional approach. In a conventional media if you will do things which are unconventional can also give you the impact.”

He concluded by saying, consumer interacts on a particular day that is if a marketer if we do something which is disruptive the job is already done,

Salil Kapoor, COO, Dish TV said, “It’s the unconventional approach and the non conventional media different things its the same standard traditional media and I would also like to say that when TV started the press guys rubbished it, so the point which makes here anything new different comes up is always rubbishes in the beginning and slowly it gets enhanced.”

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