Yet another revival strategy by BBM – this time like never before!

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blackberryAfter the “Blackberry Boys” and “Action is here”, BBM has come up with another strategy very aptly titled  “BBM like Never Before”! Since the time Blackberry lost its ground to other platforms, its revival strategy has been keenly observed by analysts and marketers. In a recent move, the struggling Canadian company made the Blackberry messenger available across all platforms, which could not work wonders for the smartphone maker. It has now struck again with new features like BBM Channels and BBM Voice that promise users new ways to share, engage, measure and promote content. It is a new opportunity for the brand to market itself!

“Our sole motive this time is to provide clean user experience and keep the user engaged with the content he wants,” said Krishnadeep Baruah, Senior Director, BBM Marketing, APAC at the ADTECH Conference in New Delhi.

The two new features- BBM Voice and BBM Channel are the  highest selling points for the company right now. BBM Voice is the new feature built-in the BBM interface. It allows free voice calls between BBM contacts. But a more interesting and a “like never before” experience is the BBM Channel, especially for brands to market themselves to their target customers. It is again a built-in feature in the BBM app that is a conglomeration of all the selected topics of interest of the user. This showcases all the live feeds from the respective channels allowing pictures, videos, animation, QR codes and real-time conversations to enhance the experience. An added advantage for the brands is that they can measure all the activities.

Blackberry plays on the power of content curation with its Channels. Brands on these channels can post engaging content, have one-on-one chats and also measure their activity with the help of real-time conversations happening. Also, with Geo locations in BBM, brands can also target driving the users to the specific street store.

Krishnadeep Baruah

Krishnadeep Baruah

But  why would people like to download the BBM app?  Krishnadeep Baruah answers this all-important question, “There are 3 kinds of target audiences that we are looking at- firstly, the ones who are or were already  BBM users and would like to upgrade to the new interface or would like their old favourite chat platform with new features back; secondly, the ones who always wanted to be  BBM users but could not be a part of it; and lastly, the new users who do not want to download an app for every content that they consume. BBM is here to provide user experience in a ‘never like before’ context.”

Mobile marketing is the fastest growing strategy for brands across the globe. BBM wants to target the unchartered territory of apps; as most companies avoid app strategy because they will have to design and develop an app and measure results from scratch. With BBM Channels, this problem is easily resolved. In comparison to the mobile marketing share of the popular platforms – iOS at 52.90 per cent and Android at 30.14 per cent – Blackberry has only 1.42 per cent market share according to Netmarketshare.com report. But the Canadian smartphone maker is all set to change the game with their new features.

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