Top 5 In-Film Placements of 2013

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The recall value of a brand is what marketers are looking to enhance and product placement in popular content for mass consumption is considered one of the best means to do so. Product placements in films have gained prominence in India over the years with marketers looking at ways to integrate the brand in the film through a variety of innovative ways.
Gaurav Srivastav, Founder, In-Film Placement Evaluation Matrix or IFPE said, “Mere Dad ki Maruti, was the perfect example of careful marketing where each penny was wisely invested and returns were more than expected,” Speaking about other strategic and successful in-film placements Srivastav mentioned the placement of Make My trip in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, another example that helped people connect with the brand’s functionality through the story.
The Top 5 In-Film Placements below are based on opinions from Ashish Patil,(Business and Creative Head, Yashraj Films), Deep Kalra (Founder and CEO, Makemytrip.com), Film Critic Rajyasree Sen, Pitch Editorial Team and rated by Gaurav Srivastav, Founder of IFPE.

1 Mere Dad ki Maruti: Maruti did not advertise for Ertiga through the traditional way. The only method adopted by the brand was placement in the film “Mere Dad Ki Maruti”. The results were evident as Ertiga saw a 30 per cent spike in test drives and enquiries. This might not have broken records at the box office but the brand became the lead character in the movie.
2 Audi in Race 2: Audi cars in Race 2 were another example of great brand integration within the content. Actor Deepika Padukone was heard saying, “Audi was the seventh and one of the most important characters in the movie.” Brand Director of Audi, Michael Perschke said, “It was helpful for both parties, the brand as well as the film.”
3 Make My Trip in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani: Make My Trip chose an appropriate film. It was a wise choice as the brand was woven into the fabric of the film. It became the travel website of choice for the lead characters. Founder and CEO of Makemytrip.com, Deep Kalra said, “The movie was a perfect fitment for us as it celebrates travel, fun and friendships. MakeMyTrip is known for making all aspects of Travel easy and fun. Our new product – Last Minute Hotel Deals – offers the convenience of great deals for same-day check-ins to impulse-travelers like Bunny, the character played by Ranbir in the movie.”
4 Nokia Lumia 920 in Chennai Express: Who better than Shah Rukh Khan to salvage Nokia in times of crisis? When Nokia desperately needed a push, it chose the much talked about film of the year “Chennai Express” and made the lead actor explain the features of Nokia Lumia 920. The movie was a smash hit and Nokia Lumia was noticed. According to Srivastav, “It is in Top Ten because it was a much needed push for the brand which resulted in giving back the returns.”
5 Mountain Dew in Dhoom 3 : Mountain Dew’s effort was noticed as it popped up at the right time during Dhoom 3. Though it was BMW which shared the maximum screen space with the stars, Dew is ranked better than BMW bikes only because the beverage brand could reap the benefits more than the premium motorcycle brand in the Indian market.


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