Case Study: CEAT MTV ‘Chase the monsoon’

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Background: Founded in Italy as CEAT Tyres by Virginio Bruni Tedeschi, the company established its manufacturing in India in 1958.Company’s Indian division is the flagship brand of RPG Enterprises. CEAT offers a wide range of tyres to all segments and enjoys a decent market share in the light truck & truck tyre market.
Biking is a passion for several consumers. Bikers across the country love to take to the roads but unfortunately the roads in India are considered unsafe and slippery, especially during the rains. Keeping this in mind CEAT developed all season bike tyres which were ‘Monsoon Smart’ – equipped to handle the rains & the roads that deteriorate under wet conditions.

Challenge: The challenge was to re-instil confidence in bikers and make biking popular during the monsoons. That’s when MTV came up with an idea. The campaign was called – CEAT MTV CHASE THE MONSOON!

It was to be 21 days of extreme weather, adventure and an experience never to be forgotten.

The concept was to shortlist 4 teams of 2 friends each from the hundreds of entries received for the show. The teams had to travel from Pondicherry to Mumbai on a bike with no fixed route and they had to chase the monsoons! More Rain = More chances of Winning!

Media Strategy: The first leg of CEAT MTV Chase The Monsoon campaign started with a call for entries across various social platforms of MTV India and CEAT Tyres. From more than 1200 entrants, 8 bikers were shortlisted for the journey starting from Pondicherry.


The concept of social currency was created especially for the show, where the amount of money received by the teams on a daily basis was directly proportional to their interactions on social networking sites. The participants had to rely on ‘social currency’ to fuel their trip. This promoted Chase the Monsoon on social media.

Execution: The team’s journey was highlighted in weekly vignettes which were aired on MTV asking viewers to follow them on the internet and the users were not exposed to the show in its 21 day duration.

On social media-

  • Participants uploaded pictures & shared updates on Twitter & Facebook.
  • Teams uploaded photographs on Instagram – Each team uploaded new videos from the trip everyday covering the highlights & tasks done each day.
  • Whatsapp voting was introduced where friends of the team members could vote for them by messaging a certain number with the team hashtags
  •  Team Hashtags across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram were measured and converted into points
  •  Video views on YouTube and website were also converted to points
  •  At the end of every day the team with the highest points would receive the maximum amount of cash for the next day.


  • The Facebook community which started with the show’s inception grew to over 225000 likes by the end of the show.
  • The team videos & episodes garnered more than 5.4 Million views on YouTube & the Website
  • The team hashtags received more than 45,000 interactions on Twitter
  • More than 16,000 likes were witnessed on Instagram
  • At the end of the trip, the entire journey of all 4 teams was broadcast on MTV as a 30 minutes show that ran for 4 weeks & reached out to an audience of 5.2 million across India.
  •  The sale of CEAT bike tyres grew by 30% as against the same quarter last year.
  • August, September & October consistently achieved record high in terms of tyres sold

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