“Buying a Harley-Davidson is a state of mind”

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Pallavi Singh, Director, Harley Davidson

Pallavi Singh, Director Marketing, Harley Davidson

Pitch celebrates the contribution and achievements of women marketing professionals this week in the run-up to International Women’s Day on March 8. Kick starting it is Pallavi Singh, Director Marketing, Harley Davidson, who shares her likes and dislikes with Pitch

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The brand you admire the most
Harley-Davidson Riding gear – specifically FXRG (Functional extreme riding gear). When it’s Sunglasses, my all-time favourite is Ray ban. In footwear, I prefer to wear boots – Steve Madden being a favourite. Favourite Cologne- Burberry Body intense and Estee lauder pleasure intense, favourite watch brand is Cartier

 Your formula for success
Never look for an easy way out. Accomplishments when acquired through hard work mean a lot and are much more rewarding. After all, as we believe at Harley-Davidson, it is the journey and people you meet on your way that matter much more than the destination itself.

Your advice to aspiring marketers
The field of marketing is exhilarating and extremely challenging. It is especially true in today’s day and age when you are as good as your last campaign. Every brand is vying for a little piece of the customer’s attention. Marketing allows you to push the envelope a little more with every new initiative, every campaign, and every event that you implement and gives you the perfect customer interface. So my advice would be to just keep yourself updated with everything going around you and be a voracious reader – read everything you can lay your hands on.

Your secret to the balancing act between home and work?
I think it is all about prioritizing and presence of a great support system. I have a fantastic team at work which is extremely passionate about their work. On the personal front, my family is my backbone. They support me no matter what, whether it is long travel schedules or crazy months at work.

Priyanka Chopra bought a Pink Harley Davidson a few days back. How difficult is it for you to attract women to this product?
We strongly believe that buying a Harley-Davidson is a state of mind. Purchasing a Harley-Davidson provides our customers an opportunity to express themselves, break away from the norms and rituals of daily routine and lends a sense of belonging to a global community – a family of riders. This transcends factors like age and gender. Over the last three years, we have had many women riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles that belonged to their friends, husbands, brothers, etc. But now women are taking the next step and buying their own Harley-Davidson motorcycles suiting their personalities. They customize and accessorize it, making the motorcycle an extension of their own self.

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