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    Why brands need to build trust among consumers and win them over

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    “While the $19bn investment in Whatsapp can be seen in the context of its 450mn users and the synergies that the company will have with Facebook, the most important thing to note is that amidst many other options available, Whatsapp is distinct in that it holds trust of its users that gives it the potential…

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    CASE STUDY: Ponds White Beauty Facewash

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    Campaign: Reveal the best in you Client: Pond’s White Beauty Facewash Agency: Mindshare Fulcrum Background: The first Pond’s product was created in 1846, since then the brand has flourished as Unilever’s fifth most profitable Personal care property globally. Pond’s Cream was invented in the United States as a medicine by scientist Theron T. Pond in…

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    Top 5 international brands likely to make it big in India

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    1 Harley Davidson : It is an aspirational brand and such brands never fade from Indian minds. They are targeting the right kind of audience i.e., a customer who owns a bike of about a lakh already and is passionate about the machine. He can easily afford another bike for about Rs 5 lakh. 2…

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    EXCLUSIVE: Ahead of T20, Nike to “Make Every Yard Count” with new campaign

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    The cricket mania has resurfaced with T20 World Cup round the corner and no brand wants to miss cashing in on the craze! Football enthusiast brand Nike too is betting big on cricket. Make Every Yard Count, a digital campaign by Nike India will provide an opportunity to the CCY (Cricket Crazy Youth) of the…

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    “Adobe wants to change the world through digital experiences”

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    In a digital world, it is imperative for brands to make use of online business optimization methods to improve performance. Marketers need to move at the speed of digital. Consumers need personalized experiences delivered to them at the right time. Adobe Marketing Cloud, is an integrated marketing solution that has helped marketers make the right…

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    The Less Said, The Better!

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    In these days of verbal diarrhea evidenced in media channels such as Times NOW, isn’t it surprising that when it comes to the written word, readers allegedly lose patience, and writers are urged to stick to extreme brevity? Why do people want to read less and talk more, or is that a figment of my…