Shahrukh Khan is Tag Heuer’s real friend: Franck Dardenne, GM, LVMH Watch and Jewellery India Pvt. Ltd

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Franck Dardenne

Franck Dardenne

It entered India in 2002 and twelve years later Tag Heuer, the Swiss watch brand is poised to enter a new phase in India. With the economy recovering from the slowdown, the future looks brighter for the luxury watch brand that is expanding its presence in India. Kanika Mehrotra from Pitch spoke to Franck Dardenne, General Manager for French luxury goods company Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Watch and Jewellery India Pvt. Ltd ,LVMH W&J about their increased marketing spends, their expansion plans and how Shahrukh adds exclusivity to the brand.

Which marketing medium has worked best for you?
The traditional media has worked best for us .Half of our marketing investment goes towards print media. For watches, the level of advertising is traditionally higher, compared to fashion goods. We have always tried to reach our customer and make them aware of our product.

Why do you find traditional media more useful?
There is a need to create awareness and that is taken care of by traditional media. It is also effective when we have an eye catching visual like Shah Rukh Khan wearing the watch.

shahrukh2jpgAnother very important reason why print works well for us is because the print medium gives customers the confidence and familiarizes them with the watch they plan to purchase. With the help of traditional media, this kind of awareness is guaranteed. Electronic media is used as well, but the visibility created through this channel is not much. The approach of Luxury brands like ours has a very specific target audience and targeted approach catering to a specific target audience is more effective. TAG Heuer is the first Swiss watch brand to have a website, and is extensively promoted through blogs.

What are your expansion plans for India? Which marketing strategy works best for smaller towns?
India ranks at the 18th position in the world distribution of TAG Heuer exports. We are working harder and want India to be in the top 10 in the coming years. We hope to make it 5th by 2020. Today we have a presence in small cities and sell a very high number of watches. Nowadays people from smaller towns are also travelling abroad a lot and the awareness has increased. We reach our audience in small towns through traditional media and it’s the best way to spread awareness about the uniqueness of the brand.

How is Shahrukh Khan unique as a brand ambassador for Tag Heuer?
Shahrukh Khan may be endorsing many brands but when it comes to our brand, he relates to it and people can see that. He is a real friend of the brand and people associate him with exclusive products.

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