Three brands that used content to build their identity

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logo-unitContent is the most important factor for the success of some brands and this was the theme for one of the discussions on the second day of the Indian Magazine Congress in the capital. Hidesign, Tag Heuer, and Harley Davidson , powerful brands that relied on magazines as a platform to tell their stories, were a part of the discussions. Panelists included Dilip Kapur, President – Hidesign, Anoop Prakash,MD – Harley Davidson India and Franck Dardenne, General Manager at LVMH W&J, and all of them insisted on the importance of magazines.

Opening the discussion Kapur explained how Hidesign, now a luxury handbag brand positioned itself as a global brand. He said, “I did not have any business background or a business mindset and the entire concept came out of the Cultural Revolution happening in 1960s and 1970s. The idea was to identify the hot spots of cultural shift and to offer a product indicating that cultural shift.“ Kapur also shared how proud he was to call Hidesign an Indian brand.

The Tag Heuer story was a little different. The luxury watch maker has remained consistent with its symbolic heroism engraved in the product. This was their idea to create and sustain a cult brand for more than a century now. Dardenne said, “Polarity is easily symbolized by the heroes of our society. Brand Ambassadors play a key role in defining your brand in the way you want it to be. Sushmita Sen and then Shahrukh Khan have been the brand ambassadors of Tag Heuer and associating with them allows us to project an image that only select people can become Tag Heuer people.” Talking about his international brand ambassadors Dardenne said, “Leonardo-De-Caprio symbolizes strength and being different from others makes him a genuine Tag Heuer person.”

Towards the end it was Harley’s Prakash who defined heritage as the most important ingredient of a content brand. Harley has had a heritage of 110 years and in India it is just 4 years old. Most of the brands entering the Indian market tend to change their product or in other words Indianise the product. Prakash rejected any such move made by Harley by saying, “For us, it’s the heritage and cult that we sell. Our customers expect us to sell the same machine which we have been selling worldwide for more than a century. Harley has always believed in going ahead by demonstrating its features. India Bike Week, Rock Rider Festival and the regional rallies are exactly the stuff we are known for. I believe core value retention is the key for a brand like Harley to drive into emerging markets.”

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