PMMAO 2014 Findings: Print continues its dominance in the marketing and advertising world

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PMMAO-2014-logoSam Balsara, Madison India’s Chairman and Managing Director unveiled the most awaited report for the media and advertising industry in Mumbai today. For the third year consecutively, Print continues to rule as far as reach, distribution and popularity is concerned making it the most preferred marketing medium in the country.
Print has been successful in sustaining its dominance, despite growing competition in the entire advertisement space available for marketers. It continues to hold its ground for the third consecutive year.

In 2014, print is expected to grow by 17 per cent and projected to clock revenue of around INR 15, 405 Cr. In a neck to neck fight for the ad pie, Print has superseded Television by over
2.3 per cent in 2013 with the exact contribution being 41.3 per cent. Compared to TV, Print media has Grown by 10 per cent. Dailies have grown by 10.6 per cent and Magazines by 5 per cent. Hindi Dailies, which till date have been trailing their English counterparts in terms of revenue, have now surged ahead of them. In 2014 Print is expected to grow by 17per cent compared to only 4.0 per cent in 2012, expected to clock revenue of around INR 15405 Cr.

Where dailies are doing very good, magazines are moving at a steady pace. Magazines which went against the projection in 2012 by growing at a steady pace of 4.5 per cent in 2012 have again grown at a steady pace of 5 per cent in 2013 and projections suggest a similar growth pattern of 5 per cent in2014 as well.

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