EXCLUSIVE: Cadbury’s tapping the specific occasional gifting opportunity: Anil Viswanathan

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Anil Vishwanathan, VP-Chocolates, Cadbury India

Anil Viswanathan, VP-Chocolates, Cadbury India

The mushiest season is on! It is the time when every brand is only talking about love – a theme that can easily make a communication sound cliché. But, here comes Cadbury’s again with its most innovative communication this Valentine’s Day that will again make it most delectable. Anil Viswanathan, VP – Chocolates at Cadbury India, talks about Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk latest campaign dedicated to the ‘First Love’ in an exclusive conversation with Pitch.

What excitement does Cadbury’s bring this season of love?
The pack contains certain Valentine cues like the tiny hearts that appear to be coming out of the chocolate cubes and the ribbon that is placed on it, which cues gifting. Also, since it is called out as a Limited Edition Pack, it would be available only during the Valentine season. Once the wrapper is removed, it reveals a paper foil with sweet Valentine messaging.

How do you think Cadbury has been able to differentiate itself this time?
Falling in love for the first time is a special time for anyone. It also typically happens when a person is in his adolescence. Since our target group falls seamlessly into the age range that an individual typically has his first tryst with romance so focusing on this specific aspect sets us apart from the clutter of generic communications around Valentine’s Day. The TVC also showcases the new pack, with a play on ‘he loves me, he loves me not” sentiment of First Love.

cadbury--2The TG we are communicating through this activity falls in the age group between 15-19 year olds who typically have their first rendezvous with love around this time. Moreover, First Love, as an occurrence is something that is not easily forgettable, we therefore look to ‘re-discover the joy of first love’ with Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk.

Is there a digital presence for the First-time lovers?
The activation will be leveraged digitally on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with focus on celebrating First love. The activity has been planned wherein we create customized doodles for our fans based on their idea of what #firstloveis.

We have developed and app that will animate the pack on being scanned and allows one to send a customized message in the form of an animation. Also, we have setup up a contest wherein couples can send us their pictures with a purple theme and tagged with #purplelove. The contest winners will be judged as the best will be gratified with a gift hampers and the chance to win a professional photo-shoot.

V-Day surely means chocolates and which is almost synonym to Cadbury’s. Do you think this strong association also gives the brand a cliché image?
A significant amount of chocolate is gifted during Valentine’s Day and more so amongst teenagers. The idea of creating a special limited edition pack for Valentine’s Day is to tap into the specific occasional gifting opportunity. By doing so, the brand is cuing in additional consumption occasions rather than creating a niche for itself.


Cadbury’s shubh aarambh and kuch meetha ho jaye changed the face of chocolate advertising over the years. The positioning had some relevant messages other than the usual mushy ones. So why is ‘First Love’ again the choice of brand this V-Day?
‘First Love’ is a creative hook that allows CDM Silk to connect with its TG and provides us a discerning advantage. The current campaign for CDM Silk is different in a way that it is highly topical in nature and is expected to created buzz only around Valentine’s Day.

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