• Sanjeeb Chaudhuri
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    Sanjeeb Chaudhuri takes over as Group Head of Brand and CMO, Standard Chartered Bank

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    Sanjeeb Chaudhuri will take up the responsibility for the newly created role of Group Head of Brand and Chief Marketing Officer at Standard Chartered. In his new role, Sanjeeb will oversee all brand and marketing teams across the Group, and take overall responsibility for developing a singular, cohesive brand strategy. This will underline Standard Chartered’s…

  • facebook-marketing
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    Top 5 Facebook Marketing Strategies of Brands

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    It won’t comes as a surprise if Facebook marketing becomes the marketers’ favourite. Be it evaluation of ROI, analysis of conversations, engagement of audiences, integration of electronic media campaigns or independently running a campaign on facebook, its versatility has proved handy for marketers. Pitch Presents the Top 5 facebook marketing strategies used by brands in…

  • Bournville
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    Not so sweet but loved a lot – Bournville

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    Company: Cadbury Agency: Ogilvy Background: Bourneville is one of the dark bitter chocolates by Cadbury.The Company thought of catering to the niche segment which is fond of the bitter taste and till now bought it only from outside India. Target Consumer: 19-35years Challenge: The challenge was to generate ‘buzz’, start conversations, tap social media and…

  • Tjaco Walvis, Managing Partner of THEY in India; email: tjaco@they.in Twitter: @tjacowalvis

    The Dangerous Misunderstanding of “Branding”

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    “Branding” has often been seen as synonymous with advertising, logo design and packaging – the creative part of marketing. As a result, branding is often thought of as an operational and cosmetic activity. A recent Gartner study indicates that in 2013, American companies spent around 10% of their revenues on marketing and advertising. Indian companies…

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    Three brands that used content to build their identity

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    Content is the most important factor for the success of some brands and this was the theme for one of the discussions on the second day of the Indian Magazine Congress in the capital. Hidesign, Tag Heuer, and Harley Davidson , powerful brands that relied on magazines as a platform to tell their stories, were…

  • Jnaneswar Sen, Senior Vice President – Marketing & Sales, Honda
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    The secrets to Honda’s success

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    Following the launch of Amaze, the first diesel car by Honda last year, there has been high anticipation for the 4th Generation Honda City and the introduction of its diesel variant in the market. It was the diesel variant of Amaze that turned the fortunes for Honda despite the recession in the auto industry as…

  • Quick
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    Cure for a mind block is a tight deadline: Ajay Gahlaut

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    How do you deal with a difficult client? It depends on what you term ‘difficult’. If it means ‘demanding’ then I enjoy dealing with such clients. They push you to come up with better solutions and constantly challenge you to do more. If by difficult you mean, unsure or confused, I don’t mind that kind…

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