Top Ten Facebook Marketing Strategies of brands

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facebook-marketingFacebook has emerged as the new marketing medium for brands in 2013. A platform where each brand’s presence has become mandatory in the age of social media, Facebook has helped brands interact with their customers in the most personal manner. Kirthiga reddy, Head Facebook India said, “Brands need to realise that Facebook is not social media, but mass media. What you get is prime time, all the time. With the kind of reach and presence we have on mobile, marketers should be thinking of Facebook as the first platform to get their word out for any of their marketing objectives, whether it’s awareness, consideration, purchase, loyalty, etc. They no longer have to depend on prime-time channels to reach large scale audiences.

In 2013, among the brands which utilized facebook most judiciously was Coca-Cola. Just before launching Coke Studio’s third season, Coca-Cola started spreading the word. Facebook’s ability to make things go viral came into play as the news and videos reached 17 million people within a span of a single day. Facebook could achieve what other mass communication mediums could not. E-commerce websites like yebhi.com & myntra get approximately one fourth of their business from Facebook alone. Moreover, brands from categories like insurance and banking, which struggled to get customers have now started making fans on Facebook. ICICI Bank was appreciated by the jury of the Pitch Youth Marketing Awards for being a social bank.

It won’t comes as a surprise if Facebook marketing becomes the marketers’ favourite. Be it evaluation of ROI, analysis of conversations, engagement of audiences, integration of electronic media campaigns or independently running a campaign on facebook, its versatility has proved handy for marketers.

Pitch Presents the Top Ten facebook marketing strategies used by brands in the year 2013 based on the opinions of Agnello Dias, Chairman and Co-Founder of Taproot India, Dalveer Singh – Head – Experiential Marketing, Asia. Pacific, Dialogue Factory, Pitch’s Editorial Team and rated by Madhavan N, Tech Columnist and Senior Editor.

1. ICICI Bank

Facebook is responsible for giving ICICI a new lease of life and changing it from a traditional brand that bored people to one that could successfully engage customers.  Icici Bank focused on two aspects : Content and creativity. By making content buckets such as currency trivia, participative customer education and finance in everyday life; and enhancing posts with great images, they set out to engage the Indian youth on Facebook. In addition to this, it made the Facebook experience truly worth it through innovations like launching the world’s first Facebook banking application. It created excitement for an audience that didn’t care about fixed deposits or interest rates. The numbers generated by ICICI’s campaign amounted to 2 million fans on Facebook.

2.  Hockey India League
This is a story of how a forgotten sport with a shoestring budget took on a giant with unlimited budgets. It is about the launch of Hero Hockey India League (HHIL) on social media and how it beat a league 20 times its size making it the most engaging sports league in the world. Since their destination was Facebook, the activity was best measured by FB’s engagement metrics. The global standards for the same are Facebook engagement rate (ER) and People Talking About This (PTAT). The technical calculation reveals that HIL has become the most engaged sports league in the world. 22.3% PAT + 5.2 ER=  THE MOST ENGAGED SPORTS LEAGUE IN THE WORLD

3. Coca- Cola
They launched Coke Studio Season 3, and used Facebook in order to get the word out . On one single day, they reached over 17 million people, which is a much wider reach than achieved through other conventional platforms. They had 1.4 million video views . Their goal was to raise awareness around the signature property launch, and the success of the programme shows the impact of the advertising.

4. Reebok:
Reebok India launched its first-ever brand campaign for the studio collection/category with actress, fitness enthusiast and its women’s fitness ambassador Nargis Fakhri. Key elements of the Studio campaign included the Best Fitness Friend (BFF) digital campaign. As a part of this engagement platform, every consumer who registered online received a daily morning wakeup call from Nargis, who then helped them plan their daily workout, diets and much more – promising her support every step of the way.

 5. Amazon & Coke
Sachin Tendulkar, who is Happiness Ambassador for Coca-Cola and official Campaign Ambassador for Support My School – an initiative to provide basic amenities for schools in rural and semi-urban India – had partnered with Coca-Cola to promote the Sachin 100 Coke Can Set. As a special gesture, Sachin Tendulkar reached out to his fans through his Facebook Page about this fundraising drive and also personally signed a Certificate of Authenticity for the Sachin 100 Coke Can Limited Edition Set.

6. Domino’s
Domino’s Facebook drove 542,000 users to Domino’s ordering sites on Dec. 8, 2011, celebrating the brand’s 51st birthday with half-price pizzas worldwide. The Buy- one- get- one free offer on Wednesday has taken the graph ahead in terms of sales and this has widely happened due to their aggressive facebook marketing strategy which updates the users every Wednesday. This campaign was followed up aggressively in India in 2013 and has given the brand a big boost.

Their objective was to create buzz and engagement on digital, without letting go of the brand’s essence. Mentos pioneered the idea of “Fresh thinking”.
The campaign began with a teaser on social platforms, 3 days prior to breakout across the other media vehicles. Facebook spearheaded the digital campaign as the FB fanbase increased from 0.64 million to 1.03 million during the span of the campaign.

8. Oreo
The Daily Twist campaign celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Oreo cookie with 100 ads in 100 days. Each day, Oreo’s agency teams would turn a current event into an ad featuring the cookies. In the 100 days, Daily Twist gained over 1.3 million Facebook interactions — Likes, Comments and Shares.

9. CEAT MTV Chase the monsoon
MTV’s “Chase the Monsoon” road trip campaign was born on facebook. A pre-launch buzz was created which sustained the interest while the show went on air. The campaign garnered over 225000 Likes.

10. Yebhi
Yebhi is the perfect example where an e-commerce brand has utilized facebook to increase their sales. According to Nikhil Rungta, Chief Business Officer, yebhi.com, “ Facebook drives 20-25 per cent of our sales and the log out page advertisement on Facebook has especially boosted the sales,” he said.

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