Top 5 preferred Brand Ambassadors whom marketers love to work with and why?

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Agnello Dias Co-founder & CCO, Taproot India
Agnello Dias
Co-founder & CCO, Taproot India
1 Ranbir Kapoor: He has many years ahead of him to create consistency and gel with long term brand personality building. He is also more versatile and malleable than most of the actors, thus can be moulded to multiple brand personalities, except a few exceptions. He gives marketers many more options.
2 Shah Rukh Khan: He has the opportunity to re-invent now, can easily become the guy who wears his stardom lightly, has generosity of spirit, the ability to laugh at himself and most importantly, he can now make himself more human with flaws and all. But, how comfortable he is doing that, right now, is the key.
3 Katrina Kaif:She is at the top of the desirability charts but can work better over short term associations rather than long term. Slice is the only brand she has grown with.
4 Madhuri Dixit: She is good for certain types of brands. She has evolved from desirable to being admired and respected, so moving up from mass to super premium. She is now also far more comfortable and secure with her stardom and personality than before.
5 Aishwarya Rai : She still has the stature but has become even more unreachable, untouchable, fantasy-laden and is in danger of being passed over if there is no major interaction platform with fans soon.

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