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Pepsi-Oh-yesBackground: Pepsi has been a winner when it comes to advertising. It talks to the youth and taps the pulse of the generation. Whether it was ‘Yehi hai right choice baby’, Change the game or ‘Oh yes abhi’, Pepsi has always connected with the current trends. But Pepsi never tried to promote any social changes or dig deep into the subjective alteration of contemporary urban societies but always focused on two most important parameters; they chose the right celebrities and wrote the perfect taglines! So, as Pepsi was losing to other beverages in the market, it changed its philosophy of designing a campaign without compromising on the ad attributes. The ‘Oh yes abhi’ campaign was meant to target the youth – known for its impatience but with a positive attitude. They made impatience a virtue!

Challenge: Today fashion, fast food, automobile, beverage, mobile brands and many others are all fighting for the youth’s share of mind, heart and wallet. In this fight, the iconic brand was dipping on youth scores.

Pepsi was…
a. Not connecting specifically with the youth ‘as a tribe’ but instead being more universal & all-encompassing
b. Moving from ‘young & irreverent’ to ‘kiddish and frivolous’
The concern was the fact that Coca Cola India’s top brands – Sprite, Thums Up and Coke were focusing on the youth in messaging and positioning. This wasn’t a case of market share being challenged this time; what worried Pepsi was that in a category like Cola (where image is everything) losing ‘youth salience’ to other marketers spelled trouble.

The Big Idea:
While Thums Up’s world was of hyper-masculinity (body), Coca Cola’s about happiness (heart), and Sprite’s was of mental smarts (mind), Pepsi decided to own the bold irreverent ‘Spirit of youth’ by making impatience a virtue!

Strategy: Pepsi carried out a series of research throughout 2012 to understand the pulse of the Youth that showed:
a. The young believe that the present is exciting and acting ‘Now’ leads to a better ‘Next’
b. Today, a surfeit of opportunity to experience life has created an increased ‘Fear of Missing Out’ thereby fuelling the need to ‘Make the Most of Now’.
Now, Brand Pepsi had to make the most of this phenomenon. In India, Pepsi has been its best whenever the brand challenged an existing order or an existing convention, whenever the brand gave a license to the youth – gave them a mantra to live by.

So, while the youth are ‘impatient to make the most of now’ and the adults ‘frown at their restlessness’, Pepsi sided with the youngsters and chose to stoke this ‘can’t wait attitude’!

Creating a New Youth Anthem
Pepsi created an ‘Anthem’ for a TV Commercial “OH YES ABHI” that aired across multiple youth and general entertainment channels. The TVC used celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, M.S. Dhoni as well as regular youngsters to show how one’s impatience to act now and following one’s heart helps make the ‘here and now’ exciting. Celebrities were carefully chosen to be the ones who had achieved a lot early in their respective careers and with their bold, dynamic all-new look. ‘NOW’ was dazzlingly captured.

Pepsi wanted to evoke urgency for ‘NOW’ through digital – where the target audience resides. With a series of contests and conversations, it encouraged people to act ‘Now’!

  1. #CANTWAITABHI: It asked people to show their impatient side by telling what was that they can’t wait to do using #CantWaitAbhi on Twitter. All impatient wishes were curated in a virtual Pepsi bottle on our microsite. Pepsi made the most impatient users’ wishes come true.
  2.  PEPSI MUSIC ABHI: India’s first on-demand online concert engaged music lovers across the nation
  3.  PEPSI SHOT 60: Make the most of your impatience! Pepsi Shot 60, the shortest short-film making competition, gave users 24 hours to shoot, edit and submit a 60 second film.




Spontaneous Recall 6.6
Appealing Advertising 11.6
Refreshment 15.2
Buzz 7.9


Over 60 MILLION IMPRESSIONS               More than 1.4MN YOUTUBE VIEWS            

40% INCREASE in Facebook fan base      



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