McDonald’s new brand campaign ‘Moments on a Menu’ to launch in February 2014

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Mcdonalds-logoMcDonald’s is coming out with its new brand campaign ‘Moments on a Menu’ in the first week of February. This will be Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd’s umbrella Campaign; all the new campaigns that McDonald’s will be launching in the coming months would be linked to the ‘Moments on a Menu’ campaign. This overarching brand campaign will have multiple TVC’s each communicating a particular emotion linked to the brand and its popular products and will be titled ‘Aaj menu Mein Kya Hai’. Keeping in sync with the brand’s focus on relationships, the new campaign will highlight special moments with loved ones which might strike a chord with customers.

Industry Sources also revealed that the brand campaign is founded on studies that indicated that McDonald’s customer base had been increasingly philandering with competitive brands and dual brand usage had gone up. McDonald’s felt the need to revive and strengthen an emotional connect with its customers.

The new brand campaign is not a replacement for ‘I’m Loving’ It rather, provides consumers with new reasons that reinforce their love for McDonald’s.The campaign aims to communicate ‘Simple Easy Enjoyment – A food experience that is effortless, delightful, and differentiates McDonald’s in a way that people will love

The sources also shared that to create a higher emotional connect and recognize special moments McDonald’s conducted a ‘Foodie Research’, where people were requested to share stories around the specific menu items. This allowed McDonald’s to identify the range of moments most associated with a product, thus creating a ‘Moments Map’ unique to each of its more popular menu products. With this new campaign McDonald’s aims to highlight the importance of cherishing these moments with loved ones and favourite products

How can emotional connect help a food and beverage brand? Jagdeep Kapoor, Brand Guru told Pitch “There are a few aspects to the emotional connect. First is that in India, people relate to emotions. Here it’s more a heart game than a brain game. Second aspect is that every brand has two components, tangible and intangible. The intangible element of any brand is its emotions. Emotional connect in different proportions takse place between brands and consumers. The emotional connect is there irrespective of the category of the brand.”

The motivation for McDonald’s campaign is to dissuade people from flirting with other brands. Do emotions have the power to lead to a brand switch? Kapur said “After a period there is parity between the brands in terms of what they provide to the customer. Emotional connect is often successful in breaking this parity and consumers relate to a brand more than others due to emotional connect.”

The campaign will be launched in Southern and Western regions of India. Will McDonald’s be able to strike the right emotional chord ? Time will tell

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