Create acts, not just ads: Josy Paul, Chairman, BBDO India

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QuickHe is amongst the top ten most influential people in Indian advertising, according to a nationwide survey conducted by The Economic Times. In the last two years, he has won more awards at Cannes and Spikes Asia than any other creative in India. The man behind BBDO India and RMG David, Josy Paul is a man of strong words and a free mind. He believes in a simplistic approach, whether it is towards a brand or his Mumbai office, which he calls ‘Ashram’.

My inspiration: What inspired me to write and create was the amazing fertile atmosphere at St Xavier’s College in the early eighties. I was also influenced by the lyrics of a Pink Floyd song that went like this:

“Haven’t you heard it’s a battle of words
The poster bearer cried.
Listen son, said the man with the gun
There’s room for you inside.”

: Josy Paul, Chairman, BBDO India

Josy Paul, Chairman, BBDO India

There is too much of social media around us. Do you think it is going to change?
‘Social media will only get bigger. Soon it will become more then media, it will become oxygen. It will drive all other media – especially television and word-of-mouth

What should advertisers keep in mind while advertising?
It’s great if brands can act first and then advertise the act. Create acts, not just ads. That way brands can create authenticity and credibility. It’s important for brands to create communication that’s useful to the world it operates in.

How do you see advertising as a marketing tool?
The future of branding and advertising is in creating platforms for integrated two way communication. It’s not advertising, it’s conversation.

How do you deal with mind-blocks?
I sleep on my terrace and let the rain take me away. I go for a long run or meet old friends to take my mind away. Very often I work late at Starbucks or Costa Coffee and the quiet of the night helps! If all else fails, I ask for help!

Is there something you would like to change in the advertising fraternity?
Who am I to change the advertising fraternity? I’d rather keep changing myself. There’s so much to discover that way.

Interviewed by Gunjan Verma

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