How Coca Cola continues to “open happiness”

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Coca-colaWhen it comes to defining happiness and sharing it, no other brand across the globe does it better than the iconic beverage brand Coca Cola. With its stories of happiness the brand has managed to establish an emotional connect with consumers, earning a competitive edge over competitors.

The brand urged families to reunite on the occasion of the Chinese New Year. 61 Million Kids in China live separately from parents. They either stay with relatives as their parents walked out of family to earn a living or stay abandoned on their own.


Coke has added another feather to their marketing profile by achieving an ‘emotional connect’. It brought parents back to their hometowns a few weeks before the holidays. Filming a 7 year old girl, representing millions of kids staying away from parents, she says she is not sure if her mother will come back home and it’s been a long time when she was home. The film shows how coke reunited three families just ahead of new-year and instantly touched the emotional chord in the minds of millions of workers and their children staying away from each other.

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