How Customer Touch Points help build brands

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customer-touch-point“As you enter a Harley store, you will be wished with a bright hello from the guard. He is the first touch point of the brand who can compel your customer to come back to your store,” said Pallavi Singh, Director, Marketing & Communications, Harley-Davidson India. Singh was speaking at the DMAi Conference in Delhi, held over a span of three days. As the experiential marketing bug bites marketers, the various customer touch points have come up as critical first points of communication between the brand and the customer. Marketers need to get all the five senses right or there is a real danger of incurring serious damage to the image of a brand.

Marketers discussed how touch points help in building their brands and how they should work upon the touch points that they tend to overlook. Arshad Siddiqui, CEO & President, Rasna Beverages Division said, “For a purchase decision, there are two factors that a brand should consider – the rational aspect and the emotional aspect, which is at the sub-conscious level. When these two are well-connected and integrated in the brand, the brand starts communicating with its consumers in the right manner.”

The brand should integrate its brand value consistently on all platforms of communication so that the customer experiences the brand in the same way on all platforms. If the experience is missing even on one platform, a brand might lose its essence in the minds of the customers. To this, Pallavi Singh added, “A product is no more just a product for the consumer, it is a possession.”

The most successful brands are the ones that can create true value, build a relationship with their customers and give them tools that, at the end of the day, make the brand irreplaceable. Roheena Nagpal, Atelier, a specialty store, shared, “We begin our touch point with a bottle of water right after the customer arrives at our store, and exactly after 10 minutes of their time at any of the discussion rooms, we serve them with our special coffee that has an ‘A’ on it. The kind of customers we target are not those who look for a certain percentage of discount but ones who look for a warm and special treatment. From smell to look to taste of our coffee to our service, we try to satisfy all the senses of the customer and that has been our winning strategy for three years.”

It is a simple lesson for marketers – customers have five senses and a brand should try to satisfy all of them to make it an inseparable part of the consumer’s life. Extraordinary is now essential and so brands need to listen more in order to deliver what is exactly demanded from them. Kartik Nagarajan, National Director – Social Media & Insights at GroupM, shared his all-in-one insight, “Today, advertising is about ‘content’; marketing is about ‘curation’; brands are ‘publishers’; marketers are ‘storytellers’; and consumers are ‘participants’.”

By Gunjan Verma

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