Tetley promotes Green Tea by re-launching it in six flavours with a new ambassador

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Vikram Grover, Vice President -Marketing, India and South Asia, Tata Global Beverages

Vikram Grover, Vice President -Marketing, India and South Asia, Tata Global Beverages

Having noticed the leaning of Indian consumers towards healthy food and drink habits, Tata Global Beverages’ global tea brand Tetley has relaunched Green Tea. With a new brand ambassador, a new TV commercial the brand which is sold across 40 countries, has decided to reach out to a larger set of public in the interiors of the country. Kanika Mehrotra from Pitch spoke to Vikram Grover, Vice President -Marketing, India and South Asia, Tata Global Beverages about the idea behind relaunching Green Tea and the need to invest significantly on marketing. Some excerpts:

What was the motivation behind re-launching green tea?
Our study reveals that Indian consumers are moving towards a healthy lifestyle and are adding healthier products into their daily diet. It states that green tea plays an important role, at home, at the workplace and even while travelling. Tetley has kept pace with today’s lifestyle, understood the Indian palate and offers six distinct flavours in the green tea portfolio.

Tetley-brand-ambassador-KarWhat is the main idea behind this campaign?
We are proud to unveil a powerful campaign ‘Inside walaah Snaan’. The concept is that as people take a bath every time they get dirty , they also need to clean themselves from inside having eaten unhealthy food. Green Tea is very good for health as it detoxifies the body. It’s a kind of cleansing of the body. We promote the idea that green tea is healthy for people and they should start drinking it daily.

How do you relate Kareena and Green tea?
Kareena Kapoor is celebrated not only for her achievements in her field but also for a healthy and disciplined way of life. Her fitness regime, diet and discipline fit aptly with Tetley’s aim of spreading the benefits of green tea.

How do you plan to compete with your competitors like Lipton, Wagh Bakri? Do you think this campaign will take you ahead of your competitors?
The idea of green tea has still not grown in India. It is at a nascent stage. We just want to promote the idea of drinking healthy green tea. Right now the market share is not a concern for us but we are looking at popularizing the idea of drinking green tea in India.

The green tea culture is growing in the metros but how do you plan to market it in tier 2 and tier 3 cities?
People from across the country are now drinking green tea. A major reason for choosing Kareena Kapoor is that she has that kind of reach with the masses. People in the country love to watch her and listen to what she says. Even in smaller towns, we believe the awareness about green tea is growing at a rapid rate. We have introduced six different flavors like Ginger, Mint & Lemon, Citrus & Spice, Aloe Vera, Plain and Honey & Lemon and they are doing extremely well in both urban and semi-urban markets.

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