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    Top 5 preferred Brand Ambassadors whom marketers love to work with and why?

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    Agnello Dias Co-founder & CCO, Taproot India 1 Ranbir Kapoor: He has many years ahead of him to create consistency and gel with long term brand personality building. He is also more versatile and malleable than most of the actors, thus can be moulded to multiple brand personalities, except a few exceptions. He gives marketers…

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    Top Ten Facebook Marketing Strategies of brands

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    Facebook has emerged as the new marketing medium for brands in 2013. A platform where each brand’s presence has become mandatory in the age of social media, Facebook has helped brands interact with their customers in the most personal manner. Kirthiga reddy, Head Facebook India said, “Brands need to realise that Facebook is not social…

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    Case Study: Pepsi! Oh Yes Abhi…

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    Background: Pepsi has been a winner when it comes to advertising. It talks to the youth and taps the pulse of the generation. Whether it was ‘Yehi hai right choice baby’, Change the game or ‘Oh yes abhi’, Pepsi has always connected with the current trends. But Pepsi never tried to promote any social changes…

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    Samsung emerges as India’s most trusted brand according to The Brand Trust Report 2014

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    Mumbai, India, 29th January 2014: India’s much anticipated and most rigorous brand evaluation, The Brand Trust Report, India Study, a comparison of the trust held in brands, has been released for 2014. Samsung has emerged as India’s Most Trusted brand this year. Sony ranks as India’s 2nd Most Trusted Brand followed by Tata which has…

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    Clip Licensing: A new Approach to Advertising.

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    A sure way to gauge the strength of economic growth of a country is by reviewing the growth of the advertising industry, or to be more precise, the output of the creative agencies – there are new products being launched, the industry is brimming with talent, agencies push the envelope with fresh fearless ideas and…

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    McDonald’s new brand campaign ‘Moments on a Menu’ to launch in February 2014

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    McDonald’s is coming out with its new brand campaign ‘Moments on a Menu’ in the first week of February. This will be Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd’s umbrella Campaign; all the new campaigns that McDonald’s will be launching in the coming months would be linked to the ‘Moments on a Menu’ campaign. This overarching brand campaign…

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    How Coca Cola continues to “open happiness”

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    When it comes to defining happiness and sharing it, no other brand across the globe does it better than the iconic beverage brand Coca Cola. With its stories of happiness the brand has managed to establish an emotional connect with consumers, earning a competitive edge over competitors. The brand urged families to reunite on the…

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    Create acts, not just ads: Josy Paul, Chairman, BBDO India

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    He is amongst the top ten most influential people in Indian advertising, according to a nationwide survey conducted by The Economic Times. In the last two years, he has won more awards at Cannes and Spikes Asia than any other creative in India. The man behind BBDO India and RMG David, Josy Paul is a…

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    Global ad campaigns lack cultural connect- Madhukar Sabnavis

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    Brands are global and so is the consumer. In this era of globalization how important is it to establish a cultural connect with consumers for the advertisers?. Madhukar Sabnavis, Vice Chairman and Country Head, Discovery and Planning, Ogilvy & Mather India, exchanged his views on the importance of localization and globalization of ad campaigns with…