VESPA Revamps Scooter : Road to Ramp Journey

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Case Study: Vespa

Agency: Mediacom

Background: Once upon a time, the Indian scooter market was ruled by giants like Honda and TVS with more than 70% market share between them. The market was defined by only one parameter– efficiency. Over the years, all scooter brands have looked the same to the consumer. Most of them sold the promise of a regular, mileage heavy, value for money vehicle. Scooters were a routine purchase and didn’t need too much thinking.

Challenge: Scooters and style could be used as antonyms till a year back. Vespa decided to change this perception. To achieve this, it targeted the most capricious set of consumers any brand could take on- the youth. It was a tough task, as scooters in India did not have a relationship with their owners; they were perceived as functional two wheelers and nothing more. Moreover, Vespa came with 30% premium, yet another possible deterrent. But Vespa took the brave plunge.

Execution: The brand came enthused with a powerful consumer insight- “The youth of India connect with products that reflect their personality”. Vespa was projected not as a mode of transportation but as an individual’s style statement thus establishing Vespa as a new trend amongst the Indian Youth. The brand introduced the Vespa ideology, and started a highly interactive and interesting Facebook contest called ‘once upon a Vespa.’ Participants were asked questions about Vespa’s history, which invariably led to a lot of knowledge sharing about the brand. VESPA was revealed at an extravagant fashion show. The unveiling of Vespa at a fashion show associated VESPA with fashion and lifestyle.

The mast head of leading city editions of a national daily were renamed FASHION TIMES for a day to take the Vespa story forward. Vespa chose placement integrations and photo shoots across leading lifestyle magazines over regular advertisements.

Another step taken by VESPA was collaboration with MTV. MTV and VESPA formed INDIA’S FIRST MOD CLUB firmly establishing Vespa as a trendy brand. The “MTV MOD CLUB, are you MOD” campaign got people to write why they thought they were mod?


  • Vespa’s Total Awareness reached a whopping 67 % within a year of the launch, a milestone in itself.
  • (Source: Nielsen)
  • More than 3400 fans generated content for the MOD CLUB.
  • According to a research conducted by Nielsen 68% of the Vespa consumers displayed repurchase intentions.
  • Vespa’s India Facebook page attracted 350,000 FANS.
  • 70000 + youths engaged through college activations & music fest.
  • 80 % of consumers were youth, below 30 years of age, exactly the kind of consumers they wanted.

By Kanika Mehrotra

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