Youth experiences have to be more evolved and layered: Dev Amritesh, President and COO, Dunkin Donuts at Pitch Youth Marketing Summit 2013

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DevPanelists at Pitch Youth Marketing Summit 2013 discussed how experiential marketing was the next mantra to connect with the youth

Is experiential marketing the only mantra left for marketers to break the clutter and enter the mind space of the young consumer? This formed the basis of discussion for the panel on “Creating Brand Experiences for youth” at the Pitch Youth Marketing Summit 2013 that took place yesterday at the Pullman Hotel in Gurgaon. Brand leaders shared their experiences and believed experiential marketing to be the next big thing.

Amol Dhillon, VP, Strategy and Planning, Woodland felt that brands connected best with youth through associations with adventure sports. Dhillon explained, “Youth today is actually the stakeholder of a company. I was enamored by the way Coke has created a mind space in the lives of the consumers. If I ask my kids what music they love, the answer is Coke studio. So Coke has entered their lives in a way where it touched them at a very different level and gave them a reason to connect.” He added further, “Today, youth is only looking at how a brand gets him to experience what he loves. The brand needs to enforce and reinforce what they want to communicate clearly every time they want to make a mark.”


Believing firmly in the fact that relevance is still the key to stick longer in the game, Raghav Subramaniam said, “Youth today is a mindset. The time lag that happens between awareness and sale is something that needs to be built upon more in India. Talking to youth today has to be a two- way conversation. If you do not engage them, the job will only be half done.”

Though India’s journey to the crest of experiential marketing is long, it has huge potential as people here believe in living dreams. Tourism is one sector that clearly understands that it is all about experiences and creating memories. Hanneli Slabber, Country Head, South African Tourism believes that India has been the chairperson of the experiential marketing.” But consumers today only respond if the truth is delivered to them. Dev Amritesh, President and COO, Dunkin Donuts India, stated , “Youth is the elder one today. The youth today is a set of people who see brands in a more mature way. We see a change – the emotional maturity of a 25 year old is more than the maturity of a 40 yr old. So, youth experiences have to be more evolved and more layered.”

By Gunjan Verma

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