Indian Youth is like Goldfish: Anusha Dandekar, MTV VJ and Keynote Speaker at PYMS 2013

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Anusha-3MTV VJ Anusha Dandekar in her key note address at the Pitch Youth Marketing Summit 2013 described youth as a “goldfish which forgets who is who in six seconds.”. She defined youth as a generation which is all about ‘Me Me& Me’. She said, “Present day generation is selfish and that is not at all bad” Highlighting the characteristics of this generation she added, “Young India is inquisitive as they want to know everything.”

In her message to the marketers Anusha said, “Marketers should convincingly engage the youth with their brands. The more time you give to them, they are more likely to remain loyal to your brand. Small is the new big while you try to understand the millennials.” She also said, “Facebook and social media are the best mediums to engage the youth and allow them to be a part of your brand’s process, be it association with a brand ambassador, launch or any new initiative.”

While answering the questions posed by the audience Anusha said,” We often blame internet for this erratic behavior but trust me in this age it is internet, in the past it was TV, before that it was something else, you can always blame something or the other but sooner you understand that it is not because of the reasons but it is how the youth is, it’s their character to remain erratic and this is challenging and fun at the same time for marketers.”

By Ankur Gaurav

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