I give youth enough raw material to understand themselves: Agnello Dias, Jury Chair, Pitch Youth Marketing Awards

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Agnello Dias Co-founder & CCO, Taproot India

Agnello Dias
Co-founder & CCO, Taproot India

Popularly known as ‘Aggie’, this creative powerhouse does not think, he just observes and brings forth the facts that are conveniently overlooked by many of us. One of his milestone compositions gave the nation its national youth anthem “…har ek friend zaroori hota hai”.

As Jury Chair for the Pitch Youth Marketing Summit & Awards 2013, Aggie brings forth his own views about talking to youth . When asked about his views on marketing to the youth, he says, “I give youth enough material to understand themselves.”

Belonging to Vitolem Band, Sarzora in Goa, Aggie still recalls the times spent with his childhood friends playing soccer in the inter-village football tournament. Today, he runs Taproot India, which is now a part of the Dentsu Network. Within three years of existence, the agency became one of Cannes Lions top 20 independent agencies across the globe. Some of the brands that it has worked with include PepsiCo, Airtel, The Times of India, Marico, Karbonn Mobiles, Mumbai Mirror and Nirma.

YMS-logoIn his own words: Youth is a country. Everyone who’s outside wants to get in. Everyone who’s inside wants to get even. Every generation of young, fresh people hopes and wishes to change the world, to undo what the previous generation of youth had to undergo. This emotion has had its biggest possible outlet in this the current generation thanks to the sheer number of public platforms available for self expression. I will not be delusional as to claim to understand the youth of today. What I try to do is to give them enough raw material to understand themselves. A line here, a tune there, a plot spark somewhere else…anything they can take and run with. In a way, marketing to youth is like trying to get in and out of a Mumbai local train. All you can do is to strategically place yourself in the right place at the right angle so that the momentum of the rush takes you where you want to go. Sometimes, we make the mistake of trying to change the direction in which the rush is headed. This could perhaps work in an older age group but when it comes to youth, it is an SEC unto itself. A distinct group that sits across many geographies, many income groups, many religions, many professions and more. The biggest thing with youth is that they will either love you or totally ignore you. Bu they will rarely ever hate you and therefore it is always very difficult to tell what went wrong.

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