What story does your packaging tell?

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packagingFirst impressions are critical and packaging of your product is the first impression you create for your target consumer. Apart from functionality, packaging also helps establish brand identity especially as the product sits on store shelves waiting to be picked up. More often than not, as the consumer goes about selecting products from a supermarket, it is the eye-catching packaging that does the trick. But packaging needs to remain true to the core principles of the brand while providing convenience of use. It provides space for physical messaging.

The importance attached to packaging has led many companies to conduct extensive research on colour schemes, designs, and types of packaging to make the best of this marketing opportunity. In India the packaging industry was growing at 12 per cent per annum as against the global growth rate of 5 per cent. According to the Indian Institute of Packaging the total turnover of the packaging industry in India at present is $27.6 billion and expected to grow to around $43.7 billion by 2016.

There are various reasons for the growth of the packaging industry in India in recent times. With consumer tastes having evolved over time, there is a need for better presentation, better processed goods. Rural India has also contributed to this growing need for different and innovative packaging. The rural market has pushed the demand for sachets and small packaging of branded products.When It comes to Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) packaging becomes a critical brand builder. How you work on minute details is what matters..

Modern technology is now an integral part of Indian society today with high-end package usage increasing rapidly. As consumerism is rising, rural India is evolving into a more urban society.

Packaging is very often indicative of what one can expect from the product itself. Sethunath Padmanabhan, Director- ALIA group, a premedia packaging firm,explained,“In the ‘wah taj’ campaign of Taj Mahal tea, the richness of the brand was conveyed by the packaging itself. The metallic design and minute graphic design speaks volumes about the product and further makes it distinguished from other products of the same category.”

“Working on adaptation, i.e. adapting a design into multiple design and communication formats, working on minute color details are all very important elements in design and packaging.” Sethu added.

The rising levels of income and changing patterns of consumption have increased the demand for branded products with both rigid and flexible packing. It has also led to innovations in this field. In the recent past some of the biscuit brands introduced a thin plastic tray inside the pack with intent to minimize breakage. Besides this, the new packaging also allowed the consumer to consume the product in small quantities and also save it for later.

Yogesh Bellani, CEO, Field Fresh Foods Pvt Limited, the company that offers processed products under the Del Monte brand, said, “Innovation in packaging is not simply to increase sales but also to build convenience and safety for the consumers. We have always focused on our product’s packaging and ensure it is available in various pack sizes at varying price points thus targeting a larger market share.”
“This year through our association with Krrish 3 and introduction of co branded packs, we are expecting growth in Beverages & Sauces for Oct-Dec quarter to be 60% over last year”.

Del Monte fruit drinks are packaged in smart slim cans in sizes of 240 ml and 180 ml. Cans are doing well at various locations. Del Monte also launched PET bottles with grooves in the upper body. The grooves enhance its looks while making it easy to grip and open.

In the ketchup and sauces category, Del Monte has child friendly easy- to- use squeezy bottles. Looking at consumer convenience, they also launched innovative packs like Tiffin box sachet packs which serves single use purposes like tiffins and Spout pouch pack of 1Kg ketchup which is easy to store, and use.
Highlighting the role of packaging in educating the consumer, the spokesperson for Mattel Toys India Private Limited said “A large part of the decision to evaluate the suitability of the product for the child is done by parents inside the store, and here again packaging plays a key role. For instance, addition of a “try-me” feature aids parents and kids in understanding the play value for a toy while still on the shelf, and that in turn drives purchase decisions. Besides Maximum retail price (MRP), import date or manufacturing date is a must for all items in India.”

In the present market the role of packaging has increased manifold, which has spurred the growth of this industry. Besides grabbing the attention of the consumer, packaging has to ensure that the product offers convenience of use and correct information about the product is conveyed to the consumer.

By Devansh Sharma

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