USA voted the most attractive nation for immigration and investment for the fourth year running

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GFK--FWhat’s your country’s brand value in the world? The findings of the annual Anholt-GFK Nation Brands Index have revealed that the United States ranks number one for attracting talent and investment, but with a reducing lead. Canada, Germany, UK and Switzerland are the other nations in the top 5. Columbia, Russia and Greece have shown the greatest increase. The index tracks the global reputation of 50 countries by looking at perceptions of nations in six areas: Exports, Governance, Culture, People, Tourism and Immigration/Investment.

Professor Simon Anholt, independent policy advisor on national identity and reputation, commented, “Looking at just the investment opportunity scores, investment appeal over the last 12 months has suffered across the world. Almost all the top-10 nations have seen a decrease to some extent, with U.S., Canada, and Japan – all still strong players – leading the downward movement. Of the BRIC nations, Brazil, India and China have all seen noticeable losses on their investment appeal, while Russia, whose economic performance is largely anchored in its natural resources, is the only BRIC nation to show improvement on this attribute.”

The survey is known for its depth of research that goes into building the rankings. For example, the Immigration/Investment index, which measures a country’s power to attract talent and capital, is built up by looking at each country’s global reputation for its education quality, equal opportunity, quality of life, its investment environment, and whether people would consider working and living in that country.

India stood at number 31 in the overall Brand ranking of the 50 countries.

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