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    Iconic British brand Triumph enters the Indian market

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    Harley Davidson has competition in India thanks to one British Motorcycle brand Triumph that has entered India with 10 models. This will increase the choice available to the Indian bike enthusiast. The 10 models are in the following categories; Classic, Roadster, Adventure, Cruiser and Super sports. Besides the complete range of premium motorcycles Triumph also…

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    An illustrious jury set to judge entries for Pitch Youth Marketing Awards, 2013

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    The annual event that recognizes excellence in marketing is back on December 18 this year. The jury for the prestigious awards is an eclectic mix of distinguished personalities who will judge the entries for the awards in 12 categories. The jury has representation from the media, marketing, event management, and advertising industries with Agnello Dias,…

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    Raymond to bring “cool wool” to India, apt for Indian summer

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    The popular perception of wool as a seasonal winter wear fabric will soon be dispelled as Raymond introduces light weight Merino wool in the Indian market. Raymond Limited , one of the biggest names in the suiting and shirting business will be importing the ‘cool wool’ range for their spring autumn 2014 collection. Alex Lai,…

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    Definitive Ways to Build Trust for Your Online Store

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    An e-Commerce sale is not the same as a sale in a physical store. For traditional sales, companies invest huge amount of time and investments in training their staff to produce results. They are motivated by incentives and commissions and regularly upgrade their skills to improve their performance. The basic function of the salesperson is…

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    Innovation becomes the buzzword for CEOs and Marketers at exchange4media Conclave

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    Innovative products are perceived to provide value to consumers. Breakthrough technologies that give consumers an unparalleled experience are needed for brands to stay ahead of the game. At the exchange4media Conclave held in Mumbai , innovation became an oft-repeated term. David Mayo, CEO, Bates Asia, speaking at the Conclave explained, “Innovation and increased consumer interaction…

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    The success stories of iconic brands uncovered at exchange4media Conclave, 2013

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    What goes into the making of a successful iconic brand and how can a brand adapt itself to changing times? The question that has been troubling marketers for long was answered by some distinguished speakers like Tjaco Walvis, Managing Partner, They, an Amsterdam based brand management consulting firm at the exchange4media Conclave in Mumbai ….

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    Case Study: Pepsi Asha project

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    Client: Pepsico India Background: Beverage and snacks company PepsiCo always tries to carve a significant niche in the non-aerated drinks space. PepsiCo India launched a product in the biscuits category, Lehar iron Chusti as well as a low-cost fortified beverage, Gatorade, specifically created for India, as a part of PepsiCo’s innovation plank to introduce low…

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    Brand lines: distilling a brand’s essence

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    It’s called a tagline, a slogan, a caption and even a punchline, much to my utter amusement. What it is, is a brand line. The few words that sum up the brand either in its communication, or along with its logo, or both. ‘Just do it’, ‘I’m lovin’ it’, ‘Taste the thunder’, ‘Because you’re worth…

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    Top 5 ways to build loyalty among your customers

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    Building a strong customer base and maintaining it is one of the biggest challenges brands face on today’s date. About 80 per cent of the business for a brand comes from 20 per cent of its customers who have been loyal for a period of time. With so many brands to choose from, the customer…

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    The clever ways of marketing to the youth

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    We all bond well with those who came-of-age in the same time period as that of our own. The same is true for Gen Y, and every marketer who recognizes the need to communicate in the language of its target group is inquisitive to understand the psyche and consumption habits of Gen Y. Why market…